1TB microSD card of SanDisk is now on sale

SanDisk announced the news about their largest capacity SD card of 1Tb storage space some time ago. Now, this 1 TB SD card from SanDisk is available for purchase by everyone for a price of 449.99 dollars.

Where to buy it?

For those who are willing to buy this new SD card, they and currently find it only available at the SanDisk’s Store. Orders to make these memory cards are being taken in by B&H Photo. Amazon has also provided a listing for this product but currently, it is unavailable for purchase in the US via Amazon.

Only those people who live in the following countries can purchase this 1 TB microSD card.

  • Spain
  • Germany
  • UK

However, depending on the location of where a person lives in the above-stated countries, deliveries might be prone to a delay of up to 3 months after placing the order.

Read & Write Speed:-

SanDisk offers the amazing read and write speed for their new red hot microSD cards. As the company advertises, these 1TB microSD Card will have a read speed of 160 MB/s along with a write speed of 90 MB/s. this is the better choice for those users who like to capture their videos in ultra 4K quality. These users with this new microSD card will also have a faster file transferring and loading time. However, it is advised before placing an order for this microSD card that you check if your device is compatible for it or not.

While Nintendo does not have a size cap over the microSD cards, Amazon Fire Tablets have a limit of microSD cards at 256 GB capacity.

While owning the world’s very first 1 TB microSD card might seem cool, it is still not that much of great money saving scheme because there are already many other great alternatives for that which come at very reasonable and affordable prices.

For example, the cost of Samsung’s 512 GB microSD card is about 99.99 dollars which is available at Amazon.

As for SanDisk’s very own 400 GB microSD card, it is available at a price of 56.99 dollars.

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