5 new features Twitter is testing in the iOS app

Twitter has been experimenting with a lot of their features.


The service ranging from “original Tweets” tags to “good morning news briefs” has been testing to a lot of new tweaks to make it easier for its users to keep up with the conversation and news briefing on its platform.

Lately, we will have a new look at some of the new set of features that Twitter has been planning for a long time which includes improvements in the following features.

  • Night modes
  • Encrypted Direct Messages
  • A new way to use GIFs


These features were discovered by the social media consulter by the name of Matt Navarra. Matt told the media that he was able to have a look and access to these new features as he was digging around in the code of Twitter’s iOS app.

Although t a Twitter spokesperson has declined to comment on the verification of these new features, he still admitted to the fact that the company is regularly experimenting with new features all the time. He also said that none of the company’s all the testings launch on a broader scale.

While we are not sure, if Twitter will actually release these new features, but some of them are pretty cool which are as follows.

(1) Improved Night Mode:-

Twitter has been testing on its two of the biggest updates for its “Night Mode” which will use a dark color scheme.

Improved Night Mode

Two, night modes:-

night modes

The first of this night mode will be actually black instead of the current Dark Blue color. The Dark Blue color scheme has been irksome to many of the Twitter users who have complained about is constantly. The CEO of the Twitter Company told last month that they will look into this problem.


The second one is not just about fixing the color scheme. As it appears from Matt, Twitter is planning to install an automated version of the feature. This feature will work similarly to “Night Shift” in iOS. This automated Night Mode Version will allow the Twitter app to switch to Dark theme at sunset and turn off at sunrise, automatically.

(2) Encrypted Direct Messages:-

Encrypted Direct Messages

Encrypted Direct Messages is something that many of the Twitter users have been talking about and now it seems it is going to be a reality soon. CEO of Twitter, Dorsey told Edward Snowden back in 2016 that he will think about the Encrypted Direct Messages but since then there had been no news about it. Although, this encrypted direct message feature was briefly spotted in Twitter’s Android app last year.

Encrypted Direct Messages

It is still not clear as to how it will work but the thing “Message Encryption is not available” certainly implies that the encryption might be available in the future. Matt also told the tech media that Twitter had plans to add the Encrypted Direct Messaging for late 2018 but the work was paused for reasons that are still not clear.


(3) GIF Reaction:-

GIF Reaction

Twitter might also be planning to make GIFs in replies easier. The reason is that Matt found a new “React with GIF” option in the iOS app.


Although Twitter already has this feature to add the shortcuts of GIFs to tweets, this new feature will be solely to apply GIFs to specific retweets.  This feature would allow the users to add GIF in the top of the tweet.

(4) News, Friends, and Highlights:-


Another intriguing feature that Matt spotted was that there were three new additions in Twitter’s side navigation bar which are as follows.

  • News
  • Friends
  • Highlights

While it is still unclear as to what these options might be really for, they are sue to be a new way to filter a user’s timeline.

According to Matt, this feature, for example for friends will show who you follow or who follow you.

Matt also says that lately, as from an unnamed source of Twitter organization, the company is not “actively working on news and friends”. However, Matt did not mention any news about the “Highlights’” feature, so it could be a possibility. Perhaps the Highlights feature would be an extension of the Twitter app for the existing recap feature.

(5) An all new Drag & Drop Interface:-

As it looks like, Twitter is also working on some UI tweaks as well that would allow the user to use the Drag & Drop gesture in the app. The first use of this feature will be the ability to move around the Tweet Compose Button. This might be a small change in the feature but for those who don’t like the current Button Placement, they will surely like it.

The second update is even more interesting as the Drag & Drop will be provided for each individual Tweet. This feature will allow the users to drag and drop the tweets into new tweets. This will be like a way to quote a tweet or simply drag it into the DM for sending to someone.

Although Twitter has already provided shortcuts for doing these functions, this feature will add a new way to it.

To conclude it all, Matt says that it is still not clear if any of these features will eventually be launched for the public to use. But with Twitter testing out more and more new features, this is certainly an interesting insight into Twitter Company’s experiment with its work.

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