5G is going to be crazy fast, still limited data makes it totally worthless

In the latest MWC (Mobile World Congress) people have been introduced with two latest trends in the technology for 2019; first, are foldable smartphones and second is the “5G”.


The concept of foldable smartphones is very interesting as now we will not only have smartphones but also the ones that can transform into large screen tablets as well. The thing that is most interesting is the next generation faster and reliable cellular connectivity platform; 5G. 5G has the potential that is going to completely change the way we are currently living and working.

Many companies at the MCW 2019, displayed the prowess of the 5G as to how it would easily download the high-resolution movies in mere seconds and the 3D games as well as VR would be streamed directly on to a user’s smartphone and headset. As for smartphones, the 5G is going to make them recognize other cars more accurately to avoid collisions.

Limited Data Plans:-

We are all excited about the new 5G connection but the thing that we all have ignored is the Data Plan for this new cellular connection. Huawei company on the MCW 2019 boasted about their first foldable phone with a 5G connection; Mate X, that will be able to download a 1 GB movie file in mere three seconds.

Mate X

By this comparison, the MateX would be downloading a file with a speed of 333 MPBS. Without a doubt, it is going to be impressive and but using this much data is going to finish your data plan significantly as well.

A normal internet user on their smartphone sues an average 20 GB data pan while suing the 4G LTE data connection. If they are going to download a movie or stream 3D game, it is going to chew through their entire data plan in mere minutes.

Data connection companies are only going to market 5G with this s9imple slogan “faster connectivity equals download more and stream more in lesser time.”

A wireless carrier providing unlimited Data Plan:-

T mobile

The unlimited data plan is the only thing that’s going to compliment the 5G cellular connection. Other than T-Mobile, no other wireless carrier has committed to offering the unlimited 5G data plan. As for T-Mobile they are also only going to provide the 5G unlimited data plan in the second half of 2019.

AT & T

As for AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint; they will be presenting their unlimited data plans for 5G later this year. A question here arises, why these companies are even presenting 5G data plans if they are not able to provide the full plan right after 5G’s launch?


The answer is most probably that 5G is not ready. The earliest sustainable 5G connection that is going to be available for consumers is going to be officially in 2020.


Unlimited is not really going to be unlimited:-

Although all four major wireless carriers are offering unlimited 5G data plans, they are still not going to be completely unlimited.

4G vs 5G

According to T-Mobile, they are going to give 50 GB data plan and the speeds will be reduced until the next bill cycle due to data prioritization.

Same is the case going to be for other data carriers.

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