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A 23 Y.O. Creates One Of The Largest Latin America’s Eco-Murals By Using 200 thousand Recycled Bottle Caps

Today we want to introduce you guys with a bright and amazing young artist, the 23 years old named Oscar Olivares who is from Venezuela. This young artist has made a name for himself and is in headline cause of his gigantic mural which completed using only the bottle cap.

Oscar Olivares is the artist who has collaborated with an environmental organization named OkoSpiri as well as many others for completing an immersive and impressive mural on the streets of Venezuela.

Oscar Olivares

Oscar explains, “In addition to the techniques, I have only sued my art for being happy and to express my inner thoughts and feelings. I am very happy whenever I draw or paint and I also want for the others to look at my art and feel that very same happiness which I had felt when I was in the idle of my creative process.”

Oscar Olivares in his collaboration with the local environmental organization named Movimento en la Arquitectura para el Futuro and OkoSpiri managed to complete a giant mural all from the recycled plastic bottle caps as well as the container lids.

It took Oscar nearly 2 months and 200000+ recycled bottle caps to complete the mural on the wall of the Plaza Escalona in El Hatillo Municipality, Caracas. The lengthy of this mural is about 45 meters while the shortest point Is 3.5 meters with the highest point being 7.25 meters.

Oscar Olivares

This gigantic mural completed by Oscar is made by using nearly 200000 recycled bottle caps.

Oscar Olivares

Over the course of a total of 2.5 months, the team had to complete many steps to make this mural into a reality. First, they painted the wall white which was donated by OkoSpiri AC and Pinturas Pineco CA. then the team placed the grid for Oscar’s mural design and then collected the recycled plastic bottle covers and caps of containers with the help from the Multirecicla CA. they, then cleaned those caps, prepared the mixture and placed all the recycled bottle caps in added some finishing touches.

When Oscar was asked as to what this mural symbolizes, this is what he said,

“This mural starts with the city of Caracas during night time with the arepa moon. The arepa is one of the most typical foods in Venezuela and is something which connects all the inhabitants of the country, whether they are rich or poor.”

“In the sky, which is inspired by Van Gogh’s artworks, one can see 2 Ovnis aka UFOs which represent the connection of humans with outer space. Then there are sunflowers with the most important section of the mural being the 4 macaws of different sizes representing different perspectives, flying around. These birds can be seen flying all over Caracas and are only seen in groups or couples. As for the end of the mural, there is Araguaney, which is Venezuela’s national tree. Then the last thing is the mural’s name which is “Oko-mural” that has been inspired by ONG OkoSpiri.”


This impressive mural’s aim is to raise awareness about the ecological issues which are not only in Caracas but all around the world.

Oscar Olivares

As for the mural made from recycled bottle caps, it is said to be among the largest murals located in South American and to be the first of its type in Venezuela.


This mural was completed in about 2.5 months and can be seen by the public in Plaza Escalona in El Hatillo Municipality, Caracas

Oscar Olivares

Oscar says that a happy artist is the one who when he matures, continues painting just like the time he did when he was just a child when he sued to paint with his heart and soul.

Oscar Olivares

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