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A French Bookstore Is Mixing Customer’s Faces With Book Covers, and the Results Are Amazingly Good

Once in a while, everyone likes to go to their local book store and browse through their favorite genre of literature. They pick up the book, go home and read it in a relaxing environment.

However, there is one interesting book store in France that took its customers experience of coming to the bookstore to whole another level. They take the relevant books and their covers to align with their customer’s faces and take photos of it. To tell you the truth we were pretty amazed to see the result of this kind of photography.

Today we found few of those interesting photographs and made a list to share with our readers.

So scroll down to look at these photographs with people’s faces and book covers down below.

A newborn baby-adult yawning

The nails and a beret are coincidentally a perfect match

The title reads, To the Youth Folly

The Bob’s Burger resemblance is remarkable!

Shiny hair and a whole new identity

The visual representation of brainwashing

Comic book characters transforming into real people

The true Queen of Quiches is really hungry

The humoristic side of politics in a whole new picture

Marrying the old with the new

Double trouble

Surrealism comes to life!

The book title reads, One Life Like All the Others

When braided cultures merge together

Combining elegance and the everyday

This book cover meets a new character…

Angels See Red

A whole pictorial archive on someone’s head

Vintage meets the contemporary

A girl and a painting become a whole new picture

A fine line between reality and fiction

Perfect hair, perfect color, perfect match

The Star Wars paradox

The world is changing but not their faces

When trick photography meets literature

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