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A Game Changing Vaccine has been created to help those with Cat Allergies

Nearly 10 percent of the global population suffers from what is known as Cat Allergies. Even if you are someone in that 10 percent, do not worry anymore because a cure has been found to help you and many like you to have a chance to cuddle with the cats as much you like.

This is still not the most exciting part of the cure; the thing is that this cure does not ask a person to take any pills.  Today we have decided to let our readers, who suffer from cat allergies know all about this cure and how it works.

What are the causes of the Cat allergy?

As per the study conducted by the scientists from Lithuania and Switzerland, there is a protean named Fel d 1 which results in cal allergies among humans.  This protein is secreted by cats either via their saliva or the skin. Still, the protein secretion does not result in any kind of bad thing to happen to the immune system of the cat.

How does the vaccine work for Cat allergy?

There is not much research been carried out on the pet allergy and the most cures today are only to prevent the allergic symptoms from the pet allergy. The thing that makes this cure a unique one is that it stops the production of the protein at the very source, which in this case is the Cat.

The treatment works by creating a natural immune system for cats for fighting with this protein as it is created. The ultimate goal of the cure is to minimize the secretion of this protein as much as it is possible.

This cure has been tested on a group of 52 cats and none of them showed any adverse side effects expect to work as intended.

Benefits of the cure

This groundbreaking cure is going to help more people to take cats as their pets. With these cures in the world, there will be some pretty positive ecological implications. For example, if cats are left to their devices, they will result n the extermination of the local fauna. With the cure of more animal allegories, there will be reduced cases of animal abandonment. But most importantly of all things, you will now be able to cuddle with your furry little friend.

When will this vaccine be available?

At the current time, this cure is still to be made available to the general public. Researchers for this cure are still on wait to get the permit for commercializing this particular drug from the government medical authorities in the UK and the USA.

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