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A new gaming monitor of 360Hz designed by Asus and Nvidia for e-sports

Last year, when the new 360Hz gaming monitor, was shown by Asus it was called the April fool’s prank but now at CES 2020, this prank has become a reality. The Asus 360Hz gaming monitor is now here that dons a 24.5-inch monitor with 1080p support and runs on the 360Hz while utilizing the G-sync tech of Nvidia.   

Asus has made the claim that this is the world’s very first 360Hz gaming monitor that comes with G-sync technology and it has been designed while keeping in mind e-sports as well as other competitive gaming.

Before 360Hz gaming monitor:-

Before the Asus ROG Swift 360Hz  gaming monitor was announced, the typical in the field was the 144Hz and the 240Hz but one wonders as to why they would need this Asus ROG Swift 360Hz gaming monitor. The answer is that you are going to need the GPU powerful enough to reach the desired types of frames where one will notice the difference and they can play the competitive gaming titles such as Overwatch or the CS: GO. These games will make full use of the 360Hz gaming monitor.

What is inside the 360Hz gaming Monitor?

Well, this new gaming monitor is the Asus ROG Swift 360Hz panel which has a resolution of up to 1080p which will provide a gamer with a higher frame rate. The capability is enhanced by equipping this gaming monitor with Nvidia’s G-sync processor.

In order to make this marvel of a gaming monitor, both Nvidia and Asus have worked hand-in-hand to unlock the domain of higher frame rates. As per claim of Nvidia, these higher frame rates will improve the player’s target tracking by making it smoother, reducing the ghosting and tearing issues along with letting the player see their enemies much better than before. All of these new improvements are great because any latency reduction, even for milliseconds, can make one hell of a difference during a competitive gaming scenario. This 360Hz gaming monitor will display frames once for each 2.8ms which can be at least 6 times faster than a regular TV or a monitor.

Nvidia is going to offer a display of this monitor’s performance at the CES that will be held this week. Once players get to use this monitor, they will able to make a clear comparison of it from the 144Hz and the 240Hz monitors.

As for the availability of the Asus ROG 360Hz gaming monitor; it won’t be up for sale until sometime later this year and the piece will also be set by that time.

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