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A Slack channel gives away $1,000 prize for guessing the right word

As it happens to be, Slack has become more fun than it ever was. All of this thanks to one particular Slack Channel which actually gives away 1000 dollars as a prize if anyone can guess the word of the day on it.

It is just that easy. Simply type in the word into this Slack Channel and if it happens to be a right one, then the winner gets free money.

The name of the Slack Channel is appropriate to its promotion, “The Word of the Day Is”. It is a free channel and anyone with simply a Slack account can join it.


The rules of the channel are very simple.

  • User needs to enter only 1 word at a time. If entered sentences of paragraphs, they will be disqualified.
  • After the first person guesses the right word and wins the money, the contest ends for the day.
  • If no person can guess the right word, it will then be revealed by 11:59 PM EST as the channel resets for the next day.
  • Channel reserves the right to disqualify as well as ban anyone who is suspected for foul play. For example, the use of Bots.
  • Usernames, messages must not be vulgar or contain any other racist comment. In this case, such users will be disqualified as well as banned.

Receiving the money:-

As for the prize money, the winner of the day receives a DM on their Slack account and 1000 dollars will be sent through Venmo.

The “Word of the Day is” channel is one of the cleverest uses for the Slack that mixes both work and fun together in a creative way.

While guessing a word might sound easy, just think how many millions of words there exist in the English language? Despite this being the case, the room is always packed with users who all try to guess the secret word of the day.

If you feel lucky yourself, then go join the page right as there is still time for today.

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