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A Video Has Surfaced Showing The 9.0 Magnitude Earthquake And Its Resulting Tsunami That Struck Japan Back In 2011 (Warning Graphic Content)

If there is one thing that no one can prepare themselves for before time is the destructive force caused by a natural disaster. Although in the time of the natural disaster people and their belongings can be evacuated safely, there is no chance that everything will remain unscathed in the aftermath of such natural disasters.

What makes the whole natural disaster thing pretty dangerous and worse is that while disasters such as hurricanes and storms can be predicted with scientific knowledge; there is still no scientific approach to predict the oncoming earthquake.

Still, this has not stopped the human spirit from trying its best to prepare for this unknown force and every action in that regard helps a lot.

Recently a local Japanese media channel has released previously unseen yet harrowing video footage of the Great East Japan Earthquake that took place back in 2011.


For the last few days, Japan has been suffering from the tremors of the light earthquakes that are in-between the range of 3.2 to 4.8 magnitude on the Richter scale. These earthquakes have caused the new agencies of Japan to start the disaster prevention broadcasts for the case when these incidents might get seriously worse.

One of such media agency by the name All-Nippon News Network has recently released harrowing video footage of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the resulting tsunami that hit the country back in 2011 at the Sendai Airport located in Japan. The new channel showed this footage to its viewers as a part of the disaster prevention program. The video was filmed and then sent to the TV station by one of the viewers back in the year when the disaster hit the country.

The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 which is also officially called as 2011 Earthquake of Pacific Coast of Tokhou, was the undersea earthquake that was clocked at the 9.0 to 9.1 magnitude on the Richter scale.


This video was released by All-Nippon New Network as a part of their disaster prevention program for educating the masses about the recent earthquakes of mild magnitude that are felt across the country.


The 2011 earthquake was then followed by its accompanying natural disaster; a Tsunami with massive waves that rose up to 40 meters in height while traveling at the speed of about 700 kmph and reached about 10 kilometers inland. As per local media reports, that disaster led to the deaths of nearly 15000 people along with 6000 people getting injured. This is all because people only had 10 minutes of evacuation period given to them.

That was the most powerful earthquake recorded ever in the history of Japan and in the last 20 years of World’s history, it was the 2nd most powerful and the 6th deadliest recorded earthquake.

A research student named Angelina Kovalyova, who is living in Tokyo, commented about the daily life of the earthquake area.

Angelina said, “Earthquakes of these magnitudes are uncommon and can be let differently depending upon the area where they occur. I live in Tokyo city and I experience about 2 to 3 of these earthquakes in about every 2 to 3 weeks. Sometimes it is a single shake and other times it is a few shakes at one time in the day. As for my friend who lives in Hokkaido, which is the northern area of Japan, they experience the earthquakes about once in a few months if not for a few times a year.”

As per Angelina, the government of Japan is taking every precautionary measure for ensuring that the people in the country know what the situation is. She said, “Sometimes a warning message is sent on the phones about a few seconds before the area is hit with an earthquake. I, myself use an app, in addition to this government notification, which provides for the extra information about the spread and the intensity of the oncoming earthquake.”


The footage filmed by someone when the earthquake struck shows the horrifying scope of the 2011’s deadly earthquake which was followed by a great Tsunami.


The footage which is shown below shows the earthquake hitting the area of Sendai Airport. While the structures are made to withstand the power of the deadly disaster, all the things inside that structure can be seen shaking in a violent manner and then falling to the ground. People could also be seen huddled up around the objects that they were able to find nearby themselves.

After the earthquake subsided, the staff of the airport came to help their travelers. Light fixtures still moving as everyone was trying to stand up. Soon everyone was evacuated out of the building but then they heard that a massive tsunami was headed in their direction.

This video below also shows the tsunami that came from the western side of Japan. The waves of the said tsunami brought with it debris that seemed to be of the houses and other buildings that were swept away by waves near the coast. The heavy machinery of the airport was swept away like straws in the wake of that tsunami.


That earthquake only lasted for about 3 minutes which can be seen in the video below.

Angelina said that she has only experienced 2 big earthquakes during her stay in Japan. She said, “The strongest one I experienced was back in 2016 in Kumamoto which was of 7.0 magnitude while the second was in 2017 in Fukushima which was of 6.9 magnitude.”

“Fukushima earthquake occurred nearby to the place where I lived so I felt it strongly. I got the warning notification about 6 am in the morning that I was to remain cautious. I crawled under the table and waited for the shaking out and then crawled back into my bed. When I woke up I saw the news and learned that the earthquake was pretty serious.”

Japan happens to be the focal point for powerful earthquakes. As per estimates, nearly 20 percent of 6.0 magnitude earthquakes occurring in the world occur in Japan. This is because the country is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire where volcanic eruptions occur. Japan is hit with about 1500 earthquakes annually; fortunately, most of them are of minor nature.

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