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Aircrete Eco-Friendly Dome Homes Are Affordable, One Can DIY A Single One For About $9,000

Today we live in a world where the parses like eco-friendly and zero wastes are known by virtually everyone. This is why it is only natural for us to stick to these phrases when we are thinking about the future homes we want to build. As it turns out, there are actually quite a lot of alternative building materials out there for building houses and some of them are so advanced that even someone can DIY a home themselves easily for cheap.


The trends in construction and building materials started with Foamcrete and then the world was obsessed with the use of Papercrete. The bigger hit than these two building materials was Hempcrete and now the time to shine is for Aircrete. Aircrete is the mixture of the air bubbles and the ordinary cement. The aircrete building material is really cheap in its making but it is not only DIY friendly but also waterproof and fireproof.


The key to making this Aircrete building material is hidden in its foaming agent which tends to suspend the tiny bubbles of air in a cement mixture and also is a type of a continuous foam generator. This foaming agent disperses itself in the cement mixture. As for the foaming agent, it is an eco-friendly agent which can be obtained from the all-natural dish detergent.


Similarly to the ordinary concrete, the aircrete has great compressive strength and as a plus, it acts as the insulator. The low cost of the aircrete building material is what makes it the attractive one for the DIYers as it can help anyone save a considerable sum of money in both the construction phases and later in maintenance. If this is not all, aircrete can allow a building made from it to remain cool during the summer and warm during the winter.


Still, the biggest attraction of the aircrete is because of its ecological factor as the materials itself has gained recognition worldwide to be the ecological building materials all due to the resource efficiency of it.


Aircrete is also easily applicable in making elegant shapes which is the main thing for the construction of dome houses. All the graceful arches, oval doorways as well as round windows of a dome house can make a person feel as if they are living in a literal fairytale or have simply woken up inside the fantasy world of Tolkien.


Steve Areen is a traveler, musician and photographer who build a home using aircrete for about 9000 dollars.


Areen says, “The cost for building the basic structure of the dome house with aircrete is fewer than 6000 dollars. In order to add details like doors, pond, stonework, landscaping, and screens, it took me a few weeks. Including the furnishing of the house as well as the plumbing, all of it was done under 3000 dollars. The total cost of the entire project was about 9000 dollars. Also, keep in mind that I built this house in Thailand which is cost-friendly.”

Watch one of the videos on these little dome homes below.

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