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Alyson Tabbitha transform herself into any character

Alyson Tabbitha has a passion for cosplaying and there seems to be literally no character that she can’t transform herself into. Don’t believe us? Our today’s post is just to pay homage to her great cosplaying skills.

Ever since Alyson was born and was a baby her mother who happens to be a character performer would design extraordinary Halloween costumes for her daughter this slowly placed the little seeds of cosplaying inside her head. In 2014, she professionally dived into the world of cosplaying. Ever since then she has been the highlight of any costume conventions that she has taken part in.

From her incredible cosplays of portraying the legendary Johnny deep in his character of Captain Jack Sparrow to being Edward scissor hands; she has not only made a name for herself in the cosplay community but has also made it big on Instagram as well. Her Instagram account has over 211,000 followers and they are continuously increasing.

Scroll down below to look at some of her amazing transformations into the characters of movies to games to cartoons.

‘Captain Jack Sparrow’

Captain Jack Sparrow

Edward Scissor hands

Edward Scissor hands

Leeloo from Movie ‘The Fifth Element’

Fifth Element

Lestat from Movie ‘Interview with a Vampire’


Female Titan from ‘Attack on Titan’

Female Titan

‘Wonder Woman’ 

Wonder Woman

Vincent Valentine from ‘Final Fantasy ‘

Vincent Valentine

Talon Widowmaker from ‘Overwatch ‘

Talon Widowmaker

Queen Padmé Amidala Movie from ‘Star Wars’

Queen Padmé

An ‘Elf’


Elizabeth Swann from Movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ 

Elizabeth Swann

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