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Amazing coincidences you need to see to believe

Even for those who don’t seem to believe in fate or destiny, in their life sometimes such coincidences happen that may have no possible explanation. Sometimes from finding one’s doppelganger to seeing identical cars parked across each other, these all seem like cosmic alignments from nature and we can only take a photo and nothing else.

Today for our readers we have selected a list of such amazingly incredible coincidences that seem to have no relation but nonetheless, they happened. So who knows, maybe fate is a real thing. Scroll down to look at the list of amazing coincidences that you need to see to believe.

A nurse found that her doctor colleague was the baby she cared for almost 28 years ago

28 years

This dog actually found its doppelganger


Got this injury on the chin then at dinner time fortune cookie says this


A pigeon who pooped a portrait of itself on a leaf


Newspaper stacked as they came in by delivery

Newspaper stacked

Found the cliff this cliff bar came from 

cliff bar

Dad’s index tip was cut off when he was 10, now son’s index finger is shorter than his pinky

index finger

This guy’s doctor said: “you kinda look like that guy on the wall over there


I’ve waited so long for this moment


Photographer took a photo of a bird holding a shark with fish in its mouth


After the storm


Dragonfly has the same color pattern as these swim shorts


What are the odds of that!


Did the pebble got stuck perfectly or did the shoe stuck perfectly into the pebble?


Cat knocked off the fishbowl but…


Photographers Ron Risman and Eric Gendron unknowingly shot the same millisecond in time


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