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Amazing Couple Tattoos that give us relationship goals

Some people need a little more than a ring on their finger in order to show their love. In this case, they need a tattoo artist. We really hope that the love of the people in this compilation will be just as eternal as the pictures on their bodies.

We invite you to take a look at how amazing and creative these couples’ tattoos are; maybe you’ll even find something for you and your partner!

So scroll down to look at these amazing couple tattoos that give us relationship goals.

Tied to you forever and ever


You fill in the empty spaces in my heart like this tattoo


King and Queen of each other’s hearts 

King and Queen

She is an angle and he is a little devil sometimes


You are the key to my heart

key to my heart

when we are together it like we are flying away from all the world‘s problems

flying bird

They are both slouches and they will remember this 


I am gonna take a shot and say this couple is a big-time fan of Aliens!


No need to explain; the Vegan Couple 

Vegan Couple

Big time Star Wars fan couple 

Star Wars

Even we are far we are connected 


Mr. & Mrs. Doggy 

Mr. & Mrs. Doggy

They are just happy to be married to each other


Come fly all the way to me

Come fly

Another key to my heart; a bit scary this time, must be Halloween


Partners for life


Another crazy Science Fiction fan couple 

Science Fiction

You shot my heart even without pulling an arrow 


Old School; Micky & Minnie

Micky & Minnie

You are like an arrow to my bow


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