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Amazing Frozen Sculptures That Unfortunately have Turned to Slush Now

Winter is a time that leads us all to believe in the concept of Magic and its fairytales. With the season officially being ended this year, there is still a way to remind ourselves about its beauty and magic. One of the ways is to look at the manmade ice sculptures which are truly a work of extreme art.

For our readers, we have gathered a list of amazing frozen sculptures that unfortunately have turned to slush now but they are still a beauty to be beheld in these pictures.

Soothing with her music: Harbin, China

Taming of the oceans needs a heart of a lion: Lake Louise, Canada

A charming Lady flirting with everyone: Harbin, China

Open your hearts and let the nature guide you: Harbin, China

An Amazing Ice Castle: Sapporo, Japan

He is warning that ice here is thin, don’t run: Harbin, China

The Gate to Inner Circle: Harbin, China

This Olympic flame is cold instead of being hot but still majestic

This is the vacation house for Neptune the Water god: Harbin, China

An Icy ride for Cinderella: Hague, The Netherlands

A hippo couple in love: Breckenridge, USA

An icy door to a frozen kingdom

He won’t’ be getting away too quickly

Cuties playing curling

This castle has a tough guard, so beware of raiding it

He seems so friendly that I want to shake each of his 8 hands

Apollo, the sun god winking at you

A safe safari for your young ones, just be sure to wear something warm

The Ice Queen is ready to greet her subjects

Mother Winter looking over her children

Seems like a giraffe made of ice right? It’s actually made of packing tape

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