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Amazing Parents Who Nailed the Whole Parenting Thing

Parenting might be a blessing but it is also one of the gruesome jobs on the planet that you have to do without any kind of pay or reward. Instead as a result of this job, you might lose hours of sleep.

For those who want to be successful parents that can not only look after their kids but of themselves, they need to have some special useful and creative tips and tricks in their pockets. These tips and tricks will not only help you have more time to spend for yourself but at the same time be a good parent to the kids.

For our readers who are either parents or planning to be parents soon, we have gathered a bunch of amazing tricks that parents from all across the world have shared to help their fellow parents.

So scroll down to look at these people who nailed the whole parenting thing.

Use cardboard to make a fun slide

fun slide

Prevent your child’s toys from floating away in the bathtub and make bath time generally easier


A swing and a comfy bed

comfy bed

Protect the eyes during bath time

bath time

Dad making sure my new boyfriend is competent


Extend the reach with this hack


Use these empty plastic containers for bathing toys

bathing toys

Keep an eye on them without using a camera or going inside the room


Give them a temporary tattoo when they go out

temporary tattoo

How to reuse shirts


A stepladder that won’t get in the way


Our daughter really wanted to touch the water but couldn’t reach by herself. This was my husband’s solution… Her face says it all!


Proper motivation

Proper motivation

Keep them warm in the winter


How to ruin someone’s childhood and the taste of Pepsi


When skateboarding is life but you have kids now


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