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Amazing People Who Aren’t Like Everyone Else

According to psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, the creative people have at least 18 different features from the normal ones. They take each moment of their lives as a way to express themselves. The people who are featured in this article prove this statement to be true. They have organized wedding cakes, dressed as dinosaurs at weddings, finding jobs whilst cleaning car windshields and even create famous parodies.

Today we have found some people who have always managed to use their imagination to create the best of things.

So scroll down to look at these amazing people who aren’t like anyone else.

The way my teacher arranges his pencils


When no one can stop you from being a superhero


When your groom loves video games and you don’t want to keep this fact a secret

video game

An amazing tattoo idea: a teleporting corgi


This wedding in Las Vegas was streamed live on the Internet

Las Vegas

A friend and I tried to recreate The Creation Of Adam. I think it turned out pretty well

Creation Of Adam

They’re already among us…


Give him a role!

jurassic world

Almost 119


The first time I went to my girlfriend’s house, the first thing I noticed wasn’t that we had the same fan, but that we had both drawn faces on them. We’ve now been married for 8 years and Bill and Andrew are still with us


When a cook has a good imagination


My work has these on the ceiling to give the illusion of daylight outside during night shifts


A new way to send your CV


Our campus cinema didn’t have the poster for Deadpool 2 so they improvised

campus cinema

My cousins have a glow in the dark toilet


Finally found a use for the old TV.

old TV

It’s not a problem if there’s no water in a pool


We did not expected this

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