Amazing Times Things Merged With the Background Perfectly they will leave you rubbing your eyes

We are certain that each one of you out there has wished at least once to become invisible. This amazing yet supernatural ability has been presented in many sci-fi movies and films. Although these superheroes from TV shows and films have been only in fantasy, some people in rhea life have also managed to master the art of camouflage as well. They have the creativity and a little sense of fashion to help them achieve this superhuman feat.

We were amazed by the ingenuity of these people and decided to let our readers see it too.

So scroll down to look at these amazing times things merged with the background perfectly they will leave you rubbing your eyes.

This the world’s only Banan-arrot

The fashion that makes you invisible

The socks and the floor merge with each other perfectly

Can you see the cat on the floor?!

A tree that will keep a close eye on you

This is the real way of becoming one with the nature

This happens when you tend to over clean your car

Is he standing shirtless

One of a kind hairstyle

Honey have you seen Whitey anywhere?

Carpet and sock match made in the heavens above

When your grandma gives gifts to whole family on Christmas

This dog knows how to walk on air, Oh Wait a Minute….

She does not even need to try

Shhh, daddy is trying to sleep

Nothing to see, just an ordinary black rug here

This Chef’s head is high in clouds

Can you see the cat on these tiles?

These “twins” don’t see eye to eye.

Perfect outfit to play hide & seek with your kids

Dressed to the nines

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