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Amazing times when police officers went the extra mile to help people

Around the world, the attitude of the people about the police varies but it’s common to hear negative stories about them. However, in reality, there are actually plenty of hidden heroes that serve their communities with compassion and sense of duty.

Some of these heroes even go the extra mile to watch over their communities even if it means to stop in the middle of the road to change a bike tire.

Today we have gathered pictures of exemplary police officers that have gone the extra mile for just the sake of helping ordinary people.

So scroll down to look at these amazing times when police officers went the extra mile to help people.

Louisville Police Officer helps encourage a lady who has lost 200 lbs and did her first 10K

Louisville Police Officer

A cop comforts a toddler found wandering in the street alone

cop comforts

2 officers stopped to help a young boy change a bike tire after they noticed that he was struggling on his own


Mexican police try a different approach to migrant children

Mexican police

When the unexpected happened

unexpected happened

On the first day of school, a local crossing guard set this up at her intersection for kids who needed something. She paid for it all herself


This little guy lost his mom at the state fair, and the policeman carried him on his shoulders to help him look for her


A Dutch police officer watches Teletubbies with a 10-month-old baby on their way to the hospital after a major car crash

Dutch police officer

Saudi police officers hand out roses to female drivers. That was the first day women could legally drive in Saudi Arabia)

Saudi police officers

Little boy gets escorted by 70 police officers on his first day of school after his father died

Little boy

A police officer pulled over and bought a sandwich and a drink for this homeless man

homeless man

Her bike broke so a police officer helped her fix it

fix it

This policeman helped an elderly woman collect recyclable materials to sell

elderly woman

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