Amazon’s new idea to counter package theft and shipping waste

Amazon has come up with new ways to make their Prime members feel less guilty for ordering many packages at once.

Last week, the e-commerce giant announced that they are going to create “Amazon Day”. With this new plan, the Prime members of Amazon will now be able to receive all of their ordered packages on the day of the week that they choose rather than the company choosing it for them.

That is not all; Amazon has actually come up with the smart shipping measures as well. In order to minimize the cost of shipping like the use of cardboard, all the purchases from one Prime member will be added to one package.

Amazon’s vice president for the delivery experience; Maria Renz said to media in a public statement, “Prime members will now enjoy the facility to have their orders delivered bunched together in fewer boxes. In addition to that, they can now also receive their boxes whatever the day of the week works for them the best.”

Amazon’s Shipment Zero:-

This new initiative is the part of a new plan from Amazon called “Shipment Zero”. The initiative from Amazon aims for making the net carbon zero for the 50 percent of the company’s shipments by 2030.

According to Renz this initiative in its early stages when started back in November last year has led to the reduction of packing by tens of thousands of boxes.

While online retail business is convenient for people across the globe, individual shipping actually consumes more resources than retail. According to a survey, nearly 165 billion packages are being shipped across the USA. On these packages, the resources amount to nearly 1 billion trees.

Amazon Day which is the part of Shipment Zero initiative is going to be a great step for the Amazon in reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Amazon Day and stopping Package Theft:-

Amazon has also shed light on how this new program is going to reduce package thefts. The reason is that a person will be now ordering their packages on the day when they will be available at their home.

While Amazon Day is a good step towards saving the planet and reducing the waste of natural resources, it still is just our addiction for immediate gratification as well as the convenience while attaining the benefits at the expense of cutting down billions of trees for boxes, petroleum-based tapes and unnecessary energy spent on transportation.

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