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An artist turned the 100000 Plastic Bottle into a floating island and the message he sent is disturbing

According to experts, in the past few decades, there has been a total of 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic waster that has been produced. Out of this total; amount only about 9 percent is sent for recycling while the rest cause pollution on both lands and seas. To prevent this plastic pollution, there needs to be a way to reuse the plastic and this has been shown by an English artist by the name Richart Sowa. He showed the world an amazing recycling use of the plastic bottle when he created a small floating island out of only 100000 plastic bottles.

We were moved by the creativeness of Richart’s project and decided to show our readers the story of how Richart created the floating island he named Joyxee Island.

The project for the floating island came to Richart’s mind when he thought how he can use this lasting material as a construction material for his island.

While it is unbelievable but it is still true that plastic takes on average nearly 450 years to degrade completely making it a highly toxic substance for the environment. However, at the same time, it is a really durable construction material.

To Richart, the thought of using this plastic trash came as an inspiration and also a means to inspire others to save the planet by having creative use of plastic waste.

The man always had a dream of living on a floating island and that was made possible with the help of nearly 100000 plastic bottles.

The Joyxee Island of Richart is located near the Isla Mujeres, the island in Mexico. He made use of the plywood, 10000 plastic bottles and the wooden pallets to keep his island afloat. The core is only made of the plastic bottles which are put inside the huge nets and are held together by small trees that spread their roots in between these bottles.

Richart does not waste any of the waste materials on his island and uses it to further improve his island. All the used up glass bottles, trash inside the trash bags and the tin cans are put side huge bags and are then kept beneath the island to keep it floating. As for the organic trash, he places it inside a big bag and then buries it on top of the island and places dirt on it. This acts as a fertilizer for the trees to grow.

The best thing about this island is that Richart can move it anywhere with the help of sail and a boat. The island is also self-sufficient as it is able to produce its own vegetables and fruits as well as herbs. S for the house on the island, it has all the necessary appliances such as a refrigerator, air conditioner and other things which are all powered by the solar panels.

Below is the video, in which Richart gave the audience a tour of his island and his house in detail as to how anyone can create their own eco-friendly cozy home.

He also sends a message that humans should try to minimize the spread of pollution as soon as possible before the change is permanent and destructive.

The island is a man-made one and is thus not perfect when it comes to storms in the sea. It has suffered many times but Richart is not going to give up on his dream island.

Richart had also created another island named Spiral Island prior to this one back in 1998. However, that island suffered the wrath of Hurricane Emily back in 2005. For the next few years, Richart spent a lot of time to collect the empty plastic bottles and finally completed this island back in 2008.

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