Android can now run on Nintendo Switch

The big step for Android has finally come as the operating system’s app can now be used on a Nintendo Switch. With this facility, the hybrid gaming console will now be able to have access to services like YouTube, Netflix, Twitch, and Spotify.

Nintendo Switch

In addition to these services, a huge range of Android-based apps, as well as a variety of classic game emulators, will also run on Nintendo switch. This is all possible with an unofficial port from the Nvidia’s very own Nvidia Shield TV set-top-box named LineageOS 15.1.


This also means that the users can now also play Nvidia classic games such as the Half-Life 2, Portal along with having a chance to try the GeForce Now; a cloud gaming service of Nvidia.

Xda Developers

Still, nothing is as flawless as it seems because the group of developers under the name XDA-Developers, who helped with the port and the writers who have been documenting its workings for the last 1 month, days there are still some problems.


The Joy-Con controller works only natively, you can also dock it with the Switch along with connecting a Bluetooth Headset which is something that is still not supported by Nintendo.

Stream Link

Due to this problem, XDA Developers have stated that the controllers are not being detected right in few apps such as the Steam Link, the game streaming app or the Dolphin Emulator.

Dolphin Emulator

These two are alone the biggest reason that the users wanted Android on Nintendo.

Limitations of running Android on Nintendo Switch:-

Android on Nintendo Switch

Still, in order to disclose all the limitations, we have listed the notable ones down below.

  • The Joy-con only gets connect through Bluetooth. This means that even if they are connected physically, they will work wirelessly.
  • These Bluetooth headsets will only be able to work better with lower quality profiles.
  • Due to the Nintendo Switch not having any DRM RAM, users will not be able to stream videos in HD Resolution.
  • Due to Nintendo Switch not having any mic, GPS or the Camera, many of the related Android apps will not even work on the console.
  • Deep Sleep Mode is also a no go thus battery life is not that great.
  • Wi-Fi might stop working without a reason on its own but the problem can be fixed by rebooting the Switch.

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