Animal Species That Are Smarter Than Anyone Thought

In the past it was only thought that animals are mindless creatures that are here only for eating, pooping, sleeping and procreating. However newer studies have uncovered many of the amazing mental capabilities of various animals. Today we bring to our readers some of the animal species that are smarter than anyone could have imagined.

Cats Recognize you but they don’t Care:-

A latest study from University of Tokyo confirmed the long fear of cat owners that pets do recognize their owners but they do not care about them. Cats were thoroughly tested by voice recording of strangers and their owners but cats were able to make reaction to their owner’s voice. However this recognition to their voices was nothing more than the Absolute apathy shown by cats.


Dogs Recognize And Try To Diffuse Your Anger:-

It is long proven that Dogs can easily recognize their owners but recent study from University of Helsinki revealed that dogs not only can sense the shifts in their owner’s moods but also find ways to diffuse this anger as well.

The study consisted of 31 dogs from 13 different breeds that were shown pictures of humans with expressions of joy, neutral and of anger. When facing the angry face, dogs instead of shying away made contact to eyes but the contact was indirect and they also opted for their trademarked and impossible to resist Puppy face look.


Lizards are quick learner:-

Although warm blooded animals have energy to expend for learning many difficult human like tasks but a lizard learning tricks is unheard of. Recently a study conducted by University of Duke’s behavioral ecologist, Manuel Lea, uncovered the bizarre and fascinating behavior of the Anolis Eermani Lizard. Researchers placed worm larvae beneath blue disks. These lizards had natural tendency to hunt by scampering on trees but in this case of hidden food they still managed to dislodged the disks and reach the food. This particular behavior can be observed and taught to warm blooded animals and birds but for cold blooded lizards this was an exceptional feat.


City Birds are smarter than wild ones:-

A research made by McGill University’s researcher concluded that birds living in cities become more resilient, resourceful and in finding new ways to exploit their surrounding environment for their own benefit.

The research test included 52 Bullfinches with rural and urban mix of birds. They ere introduced to a puzzle test in which they have to pull off a slide and remove cap for getting bird seeds. The Rural based Bullfinches were quickest to draw these slides showing that their cosmopolitan lifestyle has made them sharper.

City Birds

Elephant recognize voices:-

It has been long proven that Elephants are able to retain the memories of faces of not only of their on species but also of other species as well. However a recent study confirmed that elephants can memorize voices as well. Research was conducted at the Kenya National Park where researcher recorded the voices of two local people from Maasai and Kamba both saying the same phrase. These phrases were played back to elephants and these elephants recognized the phrases uttered by Maasai man as the cattle herding call which they use to kill this innocent animal.


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