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The celebrity we will introduce today is not a real celebrity but the wife of a certain celebrity. The name of this person is Anne Stringfield, who is the wife of a star comedian and actor named Steve Martin. As for talking about Anne herself, she is a great writer who happens to have worked as a staffer for the prestigious New York magazine in the past.

Although her fame is mostly because of her husband Steve Martin, she also has a little bit of her own life achievements. Before she got married to Steve Martin, Anne used to work as the fact-checker for the magazine. Ti was then when Anne and Steve met with each other. Tiu was in the mid of the 2000s. For quite a few times during her writing career, Anne did a little bit of freelancing work as the write of a fashion magazine “vogue”.

In this bio for Anne Stringfield, we will be telling you all about this talented lady Steve Martin.

Real Name:- 

Anne Powell Stringfield




Writer, Staffer for Magazine



Date of Birth:-


Birth Place:-

Pensacola, Florida



Anne Stringfield Personal life:-

In this section, we will be covering the detail about Anne Stringfield’s personal life like early childhood as well as her rise to stardom.

  • Anne Stringfield is the daughter of Dr. James Stringfield from his wife Margo Stringfield. She was born back in 1972 in Florida. Her father worked as a pulmonologist whereas her mother also used to work as an archeologist for the University of West Florida.
  • Anne happens to be the firstborn of her parents, having one other little sister.
  • Anne completed her graduation from the Pensacola High School in Florida. As for her college graduation, she received it back in 1994 from Davidson College.
  • Anne always had a passion for writing which led her to her first job as a freelance writer for various little magazines.
  • As for her first real job, it was as a staffer for the prestigious magazine “New Yorker”. There Anne had the job post for a fat checker before they were published. It was also during this job in their mid-2000s where Anne and Steve met with each other.
  • Continuing her freelance writing gig, Anne also worked as a writer for the magazine “Vogue”. In her other freelance writing work, she has worked reviews for off-Broadway plays and art.
  • She nowadays writes her reviews about the art of the Los Angeles Museum of Art as her husband, an avid collector of art is the trustee of.
  • She made it to the media limelight back in 2007 when she got married to Steve Martin. At the time of their marriage, Steve was already 3 decades older than her. Anne tries to distance herself from media coverage as much as possible unless there is a special occasion.

Anne Stringfield Rise to Stardom:-

Despite Anne being the wife of a great Hollywood comedian and an actor, she is still camera shy and lives a private life. Her husband, Steve Martin says Anne has never walked with him on the Red Carpet events or other star-studded events. She even started to completely avoid the media coverage after the birth of her daughter with Steve back in 2012. Her husband, a first-time father at age 67 covered all the attention.

He first time since then to garner media attenuation was in 2015 when she arrived at the Dolby Theater in LA where her husband was receiving is 43rd American Film Institute Life Achievement Award. During this award ceremony, Tina Fey, a friend, and a co-actor of Martin said humorously in her speech that Anne has quite a resemblance to her. She also stated that Anne married a much younger, smarter, and thinner version of her. Later Martin, amid an interview, admitted to a comment with the “People” that Anne does look quite like Fey.

Relationship with Steve Martin:-

Anne met with Steve Martin during her fact checker job during which she was assigned to check one of Steve’s comedy pieces. For that work, she had to call Martin a lot of times. They talked with each other on phone for 1 whole year before they met in person. Martin said that he is introvert by nature despite being a celebrity and that he was curious about Anne; a shy girl at that time. As for explaining the first time meeting with Anne, Martin described her as a line of Wordsworth in his poem, that whole ‘violet by a mossy stone’ thing”.

After that first meeting, they officially started dating for 3 years in secret before marrying each other back on 28th July 2007. The marriage ceremony was held at LA home of Steve with only 75 guests which included actors like Tom Hanks, Carl Reiner, Eugene Levy, and Ricky Jay. All of them were unaware of the wedding and only knew when they arrived at his home. The ceremony was presided over by Bob Kerrey; the Nebraska Senator. Anne’s little sister was her maid of honor while Lorne Michaels, the creator of ‘Saturday Night Live!’ was Steve’s best friend.

Before this marriage, Steve has been married in 1986 till 1994 with Victoria Tennant.

Anne Stringfield Net worth:-

There is no real information about the individual net worth of Anne Stringfield Martin. But her husband, Steve Martin, happens to be a great American actor, writer, comedian, and producer. He has given a lot of time to the entertainment industry and thus enjoys a huge net worth. This net worth of Steve Martin is estimated to be about 140 million dollars. As the wife of Steve, Anne also shares and enjoys this net worth.

Anne Stringfield Family Tree:-

The details about Anne Stringfield’s family are as follows.

Father Name:-

Her father’s name is Dr. James Stringfield who worked as a Pulmonologist in Pensacola, Florida.

Mother Name:-

Her mother’s name is Margo Stringfield, who worked as an archaeologist for the University of West Florida.


Anne is the oldest child in her family with one little sister. Her sister’s name has not been made public but she has served as maid of honor for Anne’s wedding.


Anne as her marriage to Steve had a child back in December of 2012. They named her Mary Martin.

Relationships & Affairs:-

Before Steve, not much is known about Anne’s love life. What is known is that Anne and Steve met with each other back in the mid-2000s and talked to each other for one whole year before actually meeting with each other. After secretly dating for 3 years, they got married and their marriage is going strong.

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