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Apocalyptic Photos From When the Sao Paulo Sky Became Pitch Black From The Amazon Fires During The Daytime

Just for a minute imagine the scenario where you wake up smack dab in the day time but you then realize that it is still midnight out there but it actually is not? The sky is actually covered with thick clouds of smoke that have layers upon layers over the sunlight to barley let them pass through.  Well what do you think about it? Doesn’t it seem like a scenario for a post apocalyptic world?  Well that one particular apocalyptic scene became a reality one fine day for the good people living in São Paulo, Brazil.

Earlier last week on Monday morning the most bustling and populated city of the Brazil was plunged into sudden dankness. This darkness was casted over the skies of the city due to the thick smoky clouds from the raging forest fires of Amazon which crept on the city over time.

Earlier last week, the most busiest and populated city of São Paulo, Brazil was completely covered with black clouds of smoke.

Franco Nadal Villela, the meteorologist in Folha De S. Paulo said to media an interview that the darkening was caused by the cold front of the city started from the east side which then met with some fine dust along the way caused by the fire starting in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Watch the video of the city covered with blackness in the daytime.

The dark clouds have been reported by the residents of the city since 3 PM Monday after noon.

The whole darkness lasted for a period of 1 hour before it slowly dissipated.

The sky was not the only thing that was dark. Some of the city’s resident also collected the rainwater after the rain poured down. The water was as black as the tar.

Despite the fire being burned nearly 1500 miles away from the city; wind was still able to carry the black dust for over this long distance.

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