Apocalyptic Photos That Are Too Painful to Look At

Well, there is good news for those people who are planning to go on a diet. The reason? Because there are some photos here that will not make you think about food at the very least. As for others, brace yourselves for an apocalyptic ride right here on this world. Watch these pictures at your own risk.

This compilation today is going to put your hunger to rest and make your stomach clench in horror.

So scroll down to look at these apocalyptic photos that are too painful to look at. You have been warned and so if you have the nightmares tonight, it’s on you.

An unexpected meeting with a bird

Just clean the outside, I’ll take care of the interior

The place that gives organizers heart attacks

The Q-tip graveyard

If this festival is dedicated to tomatoes, you’d better be allowed to eat them!

The place where sodas come to die

Sewage + pool = an irresistible combination

This is just as hygienic as a dog house is

Have you heard the phrase, ’’You can eat from the floor’’? This must be the exact opposite.

Nothing’s tastier than a bird embryo accompanied by a large glass of beer

Is there anything that doesn’t get pickled?

And you thought ear stretching was disgusting…

This is an official act of war against all Pizza Lovers

My bowl is empty, but it doesn’t mean that it all went into my stomach

For safe keeping…

Welcome to my humble home. Want some snake wine for starters?

That’s what you get for opening a jar with wet hands!

I have no idea who finished the ranch dressing

Just don’t make the mistake of drinking the finger.

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