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Apple gives an Emoji tribute to Raptors for winning the NBA Championship on its Canadian homepage

The world’s greatest and quirkiest designers have come up with one of the best ways to give tribute Canada’s basketball team for winning the NBA championship.

Earlier on Thursday night, the NBA team Toronto Raptors won the basketball championship against the 2-time defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors. This marks the Raptors first ever major sports title win in their 26 years long franchise history and Canada’s second ever since the Toronto Blue jays won the World Series.

As it happens to be the staff at Apple is not geeky one at all and the head of the Canadian design team Johnny Ive proved it with an unusual surprise. He thought that this win called for a celebration and when the visitors of the Apple’s Canadian homepage ( visited the site they were greeted with a tribute Emoji having three prominent things; a Canadian Flag, a basketball and a dinosaur.

The Emoji also appears to be twirling in form of a tornado, symbolizing Raptors’ path to the victory.

It is a great thing to see that the designers working at Apple are making best use of their abilities in designing to revel the play with basketballs, dinosaurs, and flags. While the dinosaur is actually a T-Rex instead of being a Raptor, it is still fine and we are not going to be a sour sport about it by complaining.

We have one last thing to say about all this, “Go Apple and Go Raptors”.

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