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Apple reveals its new iPhone models and intent replies back with hilarious memes

Apple has revealed their three new models this week for new iPhones along with two new models of Smart Watches. This only means one thing that it is finally time for technology conspirators to go off about the glitching of these new iPhones. Just like every new product release comes with its complaints it also comes with lots and lots of hilarious memes about it.

The new models being released by Apple are IPhone XS, iPhone Xs MAX and iPhone XR, Apple Watch Series 4 and Apple Watch Nike+. The new features introduced in these phones are 5.8 inches to 6.5 inches of display along with 5Super Retina display, fast Face ID, new camera specs, a new one of a kind A12 Bionic chip that is able to sustain 5 trillion operations in one second.

While it might sound fascinating, potential customers are clearly not happy with the starting prices of 999 to 1099 dollars for iPhones and 399 to n499 dollars fro watches.

This is just outrageous as we are already mourning about the sad fact that Apple removed the earphone jack from its mobiles. I mean why for the love of God, apple did you do this?

The good thing is that you can always voice put your frustrations form defects of Apple and or any other brand for any other thing in a collective comic harmony. For our readers today we bring to you some of the hilarious reactions by people from all over the world over Apple’s new products in form of hilarious memes.

Some of them are pretty dang funny that can result in a LMAO moment. Scroll down to look or yourself at these brilliant and hilarious Apple memes from people of the world.


iphone charger cable




apple watch


charging cable


apple juice


bill gates


payment method


dual sim


new iphone




iphone X


iphone expensive


iphone xs max


512 gb iphone


my iphone

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