Apple throws cake and various other things in their new ads for iPhone 11 Pro

In order to promote its flagship mobile iPhone 11 Pro, Apple has released 2 brand new commercials. Both these commercials present an iPhone 11 Pro standing the abuse of various things unlike any other phone these days.

The first ad which is featured below shows as to how resilient the phone is supposed to be as the everyday things are being flung towards it in the high-speed wind tunnel. First, the phone is being bombarded with toys of kids and then food times which include an entire leaf lettuce head. Still, none of these items seem to have the power to cause any damage to this phone.

Later on in the ad, things get a little bit extra serious and intense. The iPhone 11 Pro is being showered with attacks of things like hair brushed and ice cubes and all of them bounce off the phone without causing any scratch on its body.

To top off all the things, a wedding cake is then seeing hurling towards the phone and crashes on to it under the speed of the wind. A sprinkler than cleans the phone off of the cream and the phone is perfectly OK. Well maybe it is just us, but we would be worried about the expensive cake rather the phone.

As for the second ad, it focused on the new 3-lens camera of the phone and what this system is actually capable of doing. The test subject for this phone was chosen to be a beautiful dog with long hairs inside this wind chamber.

This ad is a great effort from Apple to educate the viewers about various differences of the camera lenses of the iPhone 11 Pro. These cameras are used for making photos in standard, ultra-wide-angle and telephoto modes. As for another amazing feature showed in this ad was the Night Mode and we have got to admit that it looked far better than the demo which Apple Showed at their event earlier this week.

The iPhone 11 Pro is already available for preorders and as for the store date, it will available on 20th September 2019.

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