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Ashley Thompson – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Ashley Thompson is an American entrepreneur, better known as the wife of former American football player Peyton Manning. Ashley owns the “PeyBack Foundation,” which is dedicated to providing opportunities for young men and women. She is also a well-known real estate agent, often referred to as the “real estate mogul.”

Ashley owns a real estate development company that is committed to promoting urban residential property development. As an entrepreneur, she has a long history of achievement and is equally successful in managing her personal life. As a responsible parent of two children and a supporting wife, Ashley has achieved a balance between her personal and professional life.

Real Name:- 

Louisa Ashley Thompson


Ashley Thompson


career in real estate development

wife of former American football player Peyton Manning



Date of Birth:-


Birth Place:-

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

Zodiac Sign:-

Not Known



Personal life:-

  • During school and college, Ashley was a smart student. He has actively participated in cultural activities and fundraising activities organized by the school. In high school, he participated in a program called “self-service.” The plan is once a week to renovate and repair homes in Memphis neighborhoods. Every summer, students must work with their respective families to renovate damaged houses.
  • Ashley also worked for many charity drives. As part of community service, he used to visit local clubs on Saturdays to educate boys and girls on various topics. Her outstanding philanthropy and involvement in various community services made her a member of the prestigious “Census Association.”
  • She was once honored by the highest amount raised from charity events. He did not keep the bonus, but gave it to other members of the campaign, in return he struck a deal with the member, showing off his excellent marketing and sales skills. She is also an enthusiastic participant in the “Girl Scout Cookie Project” and has successfully won multiple “Cookie Awards” in a row.
  • In 1997, Ashley graduated from the “University of Virginia”, majoring in “Finance and Marketing”. Subsequently, he started a career in real estate development. In the early days of his career, he built three houses in Tennessee. Currently, his real estate development company is doing very well and he also plans to expand his business to Indianapolis. He is currently working on a residential development plan in Indianapolis.
  • Ashley is married to her childhood sweetheart, Peyton Manning, who was a former National Soccer League player. When the two were in college, Ashley’s neighbor introduced them to each other. Ashley and Peyton began to get along and, after years of dating, finally married in Memphis on March 17, 2001. Peyton and Ashley welcomed their twins, a son and daughter, on March 31, 2011. When they named their son Marshall Williams Manning, their daughter was named Mosley Thompson Manning.
  • Ashley and Peyton have been involved in many charitable projects, including the establishment of the “PeyBack Foundation,” which is dedicated to providing leadership and growth opportunities for young men and women. Ashley also organized many breast cancer prevention programs. She is one of the owners of the Memphis professional basketball team “Memphis Grizzlies”.


  • Ashley Thompson was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1974, Louisa Ashley Thompson. Her father, Bill Thompson, was an investment banker and commercial real estate developer. Her mother Marsha Thompson is a housewife. She has an older sister named Alison and a younger brother named Will. She also has a younger sister named Li.
  • The Mannings are accused of possessing and manipulating performance-enhancing drugs. The Al Jazeera documentary suggested that Peyton was involved in the sale of illegal drugs. He allegedly used Ashley’s name when conducting illegal transactions. The documentary also shows how Ashley has always supported Payton in all her endeavors. After the transmission of the documentary, Ashley showed some documents that indicated that the drug was prescribed for her husband and that he was not guilty. However, the case is still on trial and the final verdict is still on trial.
  • There are rumors online that Payton is cheating on Ashley and that their marriage is in trouble. Later, when Payton and Ashley appeared in public many times, the rumors turned out to be wrong. Due to his declining health, Payton stopped playing soccer. It was Ashley who suggested that he retire, which turned out to be a wise decision.

Net worth:-

Ashley Thompson Manning is a real estate agent and a real estate developer who has a net worth of nearly $20 million dollars.

As for her husband Peyton Manning; an American NFL quarterback, he has a net worth of $250 million. At the peak of his playing days, Peyton was one of the highest-paid celebrities in the world.

Family Tree:-

Father Name:-

Her father’s name is Bill Thompson who is an investment banker and a real estate developer.

Mother Name:-

Marsha Thompson


She has two siblings whose names are

  • Leigh
  • Will


She has 2 children and their names are as follows.

  • Marshall Williams Manning
  • Mosley Thompson Manning

Relationships & Affairs:-

She is married to one of the best quarterbacks in NFL; Peyton manning.

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