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Astonishing sky photos that seem to be taken from parallel universes

While some of use tend to think of clouds as the lightest things next to feathers in this world, we could not be more wrong. In reality these clouds that appear to be weightless are actually tens of millions of tons heavy. An average large cloud contains at least 1 million tons of water and dust particles in it. A probable estimate would be that a simple looking cloud weighs almost 100 elephants.

Whew that’s heavy so let this information sink in a little. While we all of this true, human kind has always been fascinated with these clouds and the domain of the sky as to how it would feel like to touch these clouds high above in the sky. This gave rise to the invention of aircrafts and now he sky is also a human domain.

While none of us can rally go up and touch the sky this gives a boost to our imaginations. Clouds have been the source of entertainment for humans for now thousands of years. These floating watery masses under high speed winds tend to form bizarre shapes which all of us see in our own imaginative ways.

Today for our readers we bring to you a list of Astonishing Sky photos that seem to be taken from parallel universes. Well you have got o take our world for it that all of these are real.

Sky starlight from a fairy tale

fairy tale

The Morning Glory clouds

Glory clouds

A dragon soaring through the skies

dragon soaring

A smoke angel

smoke angel

Perfect cloud cover

Perfect cloud

One of A kind rainbow cloud

rainbow cloud

A steed of the gods


Cape Town being monitored by UFOs


Mammatus clouds; this is real picture


Cloudzilla; now ravaging the clouds over Tokyo


Winnie the Pooh


A rolling ocean in the sky


Stunning Cloud Formation Appears Above Portugal, People Call It “The Hand Of God”

Cloud Formation

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