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Australian Bushfires are enveloping New Zealand with their smoke

The residents of Australia have been inhaling the smoke from the Australian Bushfires for many weeks now as the bushfires are raging across the country. However, recently a thick blanket of that smoky haze has started to envelop its neighboring countries, especially New Zealand as the residents woke up on New Year’s Day to witness literally an apocalyptic looking the first day of 2020.

The smoke from Australian Bushfires is blowing at a speed of 1200 mph towards southeast across the Tasman Sea and now they are covering eh South Island of New Zealand. The sun on the morning of Wednesday in New Zealand was of ominous red color and reports of the residents of South Island came pouring in about the air having a strong smell of the smoke.

Aidan Pyselma, a meteorologist told media, “It has been happening for quite some time now since the Australian Bushfires have been raging on. At the moment it is now very noticeable; especially over the South Island.”

This smoke-filled haze now also started traveling to the North Inland as it is covering the capital of the country; Wellington in a gray-colored veil. Luckily this veil of gray-colored haze started to thin out on Thursday and the skies are soon expected to be cleared up as more winds will blow this smoke towards the Pacific Ocean.

Still, the residents of New Zealand will not be able to breathe properly just yet. The country will still be troubled by the small plumes of smoke until Sunday and is most likely to affect the quality of air in New Zealand until the Australian Bushfires die down completely.

So far, as a result of the Australian Bushfires, nearly 18 people have been confirmed dead which includes 7 dead in the area of New South Wales last week. Nearly 1400 houses have been burned down and 11 million acres of the land have been left charred along with almost half a billion animal dead.

These Australian Bushfires are thought to be started due to the hot and dry conditions of the country. As a result of the strong winds, ongoing drought and the record-breaking heat spell last year has left Australia to be a fiery kiln and most of them are to be blamed by the recent climate changes.

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