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Australian Firefighters pose with animals for 2019 Charity Calendar; the photos are so hot it may start fires

The profession of the firefighter is one of the few professions that are virtuous by natures. However, the firefighters in Australia have decided to go for an extra mile and all that for a good cause. Since 1993 the Australian firefighters have been hosting fundraising calendar project for special charities like “Children’s’ Hospital Foundation”.

The designers and photographers for this charity project after 17 hard working days of photography assemble the final images in most iconic Australian Firefighters Calendar for the fans of the cause all across the globe.

This year, however, the Australian Firefighters Calendar has made an addition to their collection of photographs and fans love it because they are “Cats”.

The surprise this year came from their viral sensation of last year when on Facebook they post Australian firefighters with Kittens. Seeing the enormous and heartfelt response from fans, they decided to expand their photo shoot this year and include a cat calendar for 2019.

Due to adding Cats in this year’s calendar project, the proceeds from the sale of these calendars will this year go to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

Scroll down to check for the photos of Australian Firefighters 2019 Charity Calendar, and these photos are so hot it may start fires


Charity Calendar pic 1


Charity Calendar pic 2


Charity Calendar pic 3


Charity Calendar pic 4


Charity Calendar pic 5


Charity Calendar pic 6


Charity Calendar pic 7


Charity Calendar pic 8


Charity Calendar pic 9


Charity Calendar pic 10


Charity Calendar pic 11


Charity Calendar pic 12


Charity Calendar pic 13


Charity Calendar pic 14


Charity Calendar pic 15


Charity Calendar pic 16


Charity Calendar pic 17


Charity Calendar pic 18


Charity Calendar pic 19


Charity Calendar pic 20

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Lu Guang, the award-winning photojournalist disappears in China; here are his pics China don’t want the world to see

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