Authors, you read in school were actually terrible people

Your English teacher might not tell you that some of the favorite authors whose work you might be reading this summer had all sorts of dirty and dark secrets about their life. Some of these writers are actually the nicest ones you know because of their literary work. Some of these authors who are terrible in their actual nature are as follows.

George Orwell Sold His Friends Out To the Secret Service

George Orwell who with his freedom writing warned the public about the spies and secret police debauchery was in fact in cahoots with secret service himself. In his real life, George Orwell kept a secret blacklist in which he noted the name of those who he thought to be in favor of communists and when the list became a little too big he sent it to British Secret service with a special advice to never trust these people. The list contained names like Orson Welles, Charlie Chaplin and dozens other famous people of that time.

George Orwell

David Foster Wallace Was an Abusive Stalker

David Foster might have been able to write classic like Infinite Jest and many others but he was not a good boyfriend material at all. In fact he did pretty horrible things to women who he was not even dating.

In 1990 he tried to get a married woman with children to get in bed with him after falling madly in love with her. The woman named Mary Karr did not left her husband immediately but ultimately she fell for this crazy person instead of filing restating order against him.

After being together, Wallace’s violent tendencies began to surge out as he yelled and threw things at Karr. She still stayed with him until one day when h threw and broke a coffee table aimed at Karr, when she decided to leave him for good.

David Foster Wallace

Ezra Pound Was a Fascist

Ezra Pound was fascist and he was in love with the idea so much that he even begged the Italian dictator Mussolini to meet him in person and they did. In World War 2 Ezra ranted on radio about his positive views about German fascism and despite being an American citizen. He stated openly on radio that Jews were the cause of every war on this planet. Fr his multiple positive works and talks on fascism, Ezra was jailed for treason.

Ezra Pound

Flannery O’Connor Was Openly Racist

Short stories written by Flannery O’Connor addressing the Civil Rights Movement in the south were written with such ambiguity that it was hard to decipher on whose side she was on; people fighting for civil rights or the racist ones?

To clear the matter, the people, close to Flannery revealed that she was against the Civil Rights movement and called it stupid and ridiculous. She often made dark jokes about the whole Civil Right movements and to the African American people with her close friends.

Flannery O’Connor

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