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Awkward yet Hilarious text messages from parents

Today, we call each other less often and we text more. And in order to stay in touch, our parents have learned to text too. But sometimes, they have a difficult time learning about new technology and as a result, parents’ texts have become true masterpieces.

Today we have made a new compilation of texts from mothers and fathers that we want to share with you to prove how funny and loving parents can be.

Scroll down to look for yourself at these awkward yet hilarious text messages from parents to their kids.  Some of them are quite embarrassing like one father changing his name to Dart Vader in his son’s mobile phone and the name of the son is LUKE.

Have a laugh at this and many other funny messages sent by the parents that still can hit hard with their quirky texts.

Don’t even bother to come home


New rule; get better grades to enter the house

enter the house

An open minded mom

minded mom

So it wasn’t the sandwiches


Difference between mom and dad texts

mom and dad

The Star Wars fan dad

Star Wars

Join the Kitty Cult

Kitty Cult

This mom is a bad texter

bad texter

Crazy Jewish Mom; the Grandchildren have arrived

Jewish Mom

Take the responsibility for your actions


An awkward father son conversation

father son

The Arrow dad’s back


Another crazy Jewish mom or all moms this crazy!

crazy Jewish mom

That one literally cracked me up

literally cracked

Pep talk by dad


Mother’s unconventional love


Dad logic is the only logic

Dad logic

A mom worried about her daughter’s social life that’s all

mom worried

A quick learning mom

learning mom

Aren’t all dads like this?!


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