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Baking Projects That Ended Up As Epic Fails

One of the biggest trends of the web is finding a nice and creative baking projects on sites like Pinterest or Instagram and try to achieve the same result.Luckily for us the world is full of wannabe chefs, so we can have some fun looking at all the baking fails that populate the pages of the aforementioned social networks.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t be so much better at cooking desserts and cakes, but some of these baking project really look hilarious!

This volcano cake that didn’t quite meet expectations

volcano cake

These baked meringues that look like…something else

baked meringues

This unfortunate-looking lamb cake

lamb cake

Just like the original

Pancake bears

Pancake bears

The Shark Cupcake

Shark Cupcake

Chick pops. I GOT THIS!

Chick pops

How hard can this be?

Hedgehog cake: nailed it!

Hedgehog cake

Are these cupcakes or muffins

cupcakes or muffins

The Minion Cake

Minion Cake

Cursed Breads

Cursed Breads

How to make rainbow spaghetti…NOT

rainbow spaghetti

Delicious pretzel brownies or a toilet bowl after a rough night

pretzel brownies



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