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Battlefront II Crossplay: Gamer Community Asks For Cross Platform Gameplay on Reddit

Battlefront II Crossplay

Once more the Star Wars Battlefront II has regained its fame among the gaming community after EP  (Epic Games) made it available for the users to play for free. They made it so by allowing all downloads to be free and gamers are now once more enjoying the game’s massive online community. Since the release of the game and now it is available for free, the vast community of the game is now urging the Epic Games to make a Star Wars Battlefront 2 crossplay feature. This feature will allow the game’s players to face off each other in amazing battles from different gaming platforms like Xbox and Play Station.

The world-renowned game developing company and the publisher for Battlefront 2; EA (Electronic Arts) has been asked by the players many times now to offer them a crossplay action. This battlefront 2: Crossplay function will allow the players from their respective gaming consoles like Xbox, PC, and Play Station to be together. The title in question that is free for gamers to play is Star Wars Battlefront II.

The game allows for the players to revisit the far, far away galaxy. But how far, far away this galaxy actually is, it still has not been known. This is no thanks to EA as they have not allowed the players to complete the game whilst playing from different platforms.

Gamers ask for Star Wars Battlefront II Crossplay

Quite a large group of players has been asking and urging the EA for the multiplatform gaming action for years. Among them is the most prominent is the Redditor community that goes by the name “Ther/StarsWarsbattlefront. This community, since 2017 has been asking for crossplay action. This is actually quite a reasonable demand as this will allow for more players and new gamers to join in on the action which will ultimately increase the game’s usage and thus popularity.

Some of the Redditors have also asked that the crossplay action should only be made available on the gaming consoles like Xbox One and Playstation 4. this is so that the players can have a level playing field when the crossplay feature is made available. Still, all these Redditors have now agreed on one single demand and that is that the ‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ crossplay feature should be enabled.

Crossplay: a Must-Have feature for Online Games

another co-free game available in the Epic Games store like the Star Wars Battlefront 2 that has gained a massive online gaming community is the Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar Games. This game is available online for free and has the Crossplay feature enabled. Despite the game being released back in 2013, after almost 7 years, the game still has a steady surge of gamers that rakes in huge streams of revenue with countless events.

EA might not enable this Star Wars Battlefront 2 Crossplay function as this is quite an old game. Another reason for not enabling cross-play feature is that publisher is not interested in developing the game or continuing it on its servers due to the rumored work in progress “Star Wars Battlefront III”. Still, for now, the Star Wars Battlefront II is seeing a steady stream of new and retraining gamers due to the free release of the game on Epic Games’ store.

Written by Suddl

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