Bay Wheels, freshly debuted e-cycle of Lyft caught fire

One of the Lyft, freshly debuted e-bicycles was spotted in San Francisco city on Wednesday whilst it caught fire.

Lyft introduced the new e-bike by the name Bay Wheels in the Bay area via its bike-sharing system. This is a bicycle that is black and pink electric-assist one that is powered by a battery pack on its frame.

These e-bikes were a part of the bike-sharing program by the name Ford GoBike which is quite identical to the Citi Bike in New York City. But as it appears to be these bikes are a bit much to handle.

According to the local media in San Francisco, a passerby on the street saw an e-bicycle parked at the official dock of the bay Wheels located in Lower Haight area suddenly catching fire and flames erupting from it at some time around noon. Another e-bike of Lyft also caught fire last weekend in San Francisco, as well as the fire, started out from its battery.

The bike that caught fire was reported to be on the campus of the UC Berkeley which is far from the San Francisco Bay area.

A Lyft spokesperson said in an email statement, “Out of an abundance of caution, we are temporarily making the e-bike fleet unavailable to riders while we investigate and update our battery technology.”

Since the incident was reported the Bay Wheels from the cities like San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland have been removed. These bikes first came into service in the city of San Jose back in June and were then sent for service in both Oakland and San Francisco in July.

Before these new branded e-bikes were unveiled to the public, ‘Motivate’; a company which was acquired by Lyft had to pull out its fleet of bikes from the street after they suffered from braking problems. The new and improved Bay Wheels were then placed in their stead where were unveiled in April.

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