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Before Typhoon Hagibis Hit Japan Mother Nature Gave A Stunningly Beautiful Warning

Before the country of Japan was struck with the full devastating natural force of the Typhoon Hagibis, people of Japan were given a stunningly beautiful warning by Mother Nature. The warning was in the form of an eclectic purple-colored sky. While seeing this amazingly beautiful sky was a fewest for the eyes, it was nothing short of a wraning for the impending destruction that lay quite indie it. The Typhoon Hagibis has led to the death of nearly 40 people in Japan in wake of its destruction along with damaging hundreds of millions of property destruction. As per the reports, the Typhoon Hagibis, which was a level 5 typhoon, is the most powerful typhoon to have hit the country in the past half-century.

The vivid change in the color of the sky is due to a natural phenomenon of weather known as “Scattering”. Scattering occurs when the tiny molecules and the particles wandering in the atmosphere are under the direct influence of the sunlight which causes them to scatter.

Due to the heavy downpour and the gusty wind storms cause the large particles to scatter away, they tend to absorb more light and result in scattered wavelengths and thus give off muted hues. This is what made the color of the sky look more intense.

As the government of Japan issued an evacuation emergency in the country’s areas that were to be hit most with the storm’s impact, some people took the time to take images of the stunning sky and post them online on social media.

The same scattering phenomenon that leads to changes in the color of skies has occurred multiple times in the USA during the major hurricane incidents.

Lauren Rautenkranz, a meteorologist, after the 2018’s Hurricane Michael said, “As the sunlight starts to shine down on the Earth, most of the colors in the light spectrum tend to reach the Earth’s surface without any interruption. However, the shorter wavelength colors such as Violet and Purple tend to scatter in each direction. This light then starts bouncing from one particle to another one until it reaches the human eye. Still, this does not mean that the sky is appearing blue and violet in color due to the human eye’s limitations. The light was in fact scattered all around the moisture present in the air and this caused the mesmerizing purple color sky.”

During the destruction of the typhoon, nearly 1000 personnel from the fire department and police force have been deployed by the government to facilitate and expand the search & rescue missions.

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