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Benedetto Bufalino; a French artist transforms everyday objects

Some people have such a creative mind that they can turn almost anything into something very cool and often quite practical. Benedetto Bufalino, from France, is a perfect example of those artists and his work shows that his creativity and originality excels to the max.

We have prepared this selection to show that imagination has no limits.

So scroll down to look for yourself at some of his most creatively amazing works and if you want to do one or two of them yourself feel free to take these ideas.

Can’t afford a Jacuzzi? No problem, just check the local junkyard


Amazing idea for a Fish Aquarium

Fish Aquarium

Drained the gas first before turning it into a Pizza oven

Pizza oven

Police chicks, no comments needed

Police chicks

One heck of money saving cool idea

cool idea

You can never have too much green


That’s so cool, I wish we had it on our street


He should be a city council architect

council architect

Just an idea for your neighborhood


Set a police car on fire and don’t get into trouble; BTW its BBQ Grill

BBQ Grill

Play Tennis with some adrenaline rush


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