Best gadgets to help make your family trip fun

For those of you who are planning to have a family vacation along with your kids then be sure to prepare for any tech emergency.  Not only during the family trip or for the time in the house; you need to be prepared for any type of electronic need. It is to be done in order to avoid any child tantrums that might occur to ruin the vibe of your quality time.

Not only patience but also technology can help you during this time. Today we decided to let our readers be educated about the best gadgets to help make your family trip fun. These gadgets are not only limited for use on the transit but also in the home.

Kids’ headphones: CozyPhones

The first gadget on our list is to cater to the headphone needs of your kids and for that, the answer is CozyPhones which comes at a price of only 18.78 dollars.

Headphones are must-have on a trip as the kids are going to be playing video games or watch their favorite movies on their handheld devices. In order to avoid the chatter from these games and videos, you need to buy one of these CozyPhones or a whole pair of them for your kids.

They are made from fleecy materials that are soft to wear. Also, they can be folded easily as there is nothing like the bulky headphones or the Earbuds. The volume for these headphones is limited to only 85 decibels so enjoy the trip with your kids watching their videos or playing their games with ease and quite.

Portable Wi-Fi hotspot: Roaming Man Wi-Fi

For a portable Wi-Fi hotspot, the item of our choice is the Roaming man Wi-Fi.

In order to ensure that your kids have the necessary internet connection to avoid any tantrums on the road for not being able to watch videos on YouTube, simply get this cool gadget.  There are only 3 steps involved buying and using this gadget; buy the Roaming Man 3G device, buy the 4G Wi-Fi plan and then hook with it with the web.

Headphone splitter: Belkin RockStar 5-Jack 3.5 mm Audio Headphone Splitter

Net gadget on the slit is the Belkin’s RockStar Audio headphone Splitter which comes at a low price of 14.99 dollars.

If your kids only have one tablet but there are 4 ears that wish to hear, then this audio headphone splitter is the right gadget for you.

The Belkin’s RockStar Audio Headphone Splitter allows the users to attach not 2 but whole 5 headphones. For those of you who have the Apple product, there is also a Lightning Audio in form of Lightning Audio + Charge RockStar which is offered at a price of 44.99 dollars.

Location tracker: Jiobit Location Monitor

For your location tracing needs to make sure our kids do not get too far away from you, buy the Jiobit Location Monitor which is available at a price of 129.99 dollars along with a monthly subscription plan.

This portable GPS tracker will give you some ease of mind when travelling with kids; especially if your kids have a habit of getting away from sight rather too quickly. The location of the tracker is visible in real-time on its companion app. The tracker also allows the user to create a geofence or mark the spots in a specific place; so whenever your kid goes out of the range of the geofence, the tracker will notify you. On top of it all, it is waterproof and shockproof too and has a 1-week battery life whereas the data is encrypted.

Power Bank: Griffin Survivor Rugged Power Bank

The flight has been delayed and you are left with the iPad having only 10 percent battery; this is soon going to turn into a nightmare. A portable power bank can solve your worries and for this, there is a gadget called Griffin Survivor Rugged Power Bank available for only 59.99 dollars.

The reason we recommended this particular power bank is that it s totally drops proof and allows for Samsung Galaxy S7 or an iPhone 7 a battery time of up to 4 hours. If you have an iPad or a Samsung tablet, it can fully charge them as well.

Portable speaker: JBL GO 2

For your portable speaker needs on a family trip, try the JBL GO 2 portable speaker for a price of 39.95 dollars.

While you might not count the portable speaker as an essential, this gadget can simply come in handy at some point in your journey.

The recommendation we gave for JBL GO 2 is because it is cheap and offers wireless Bluetooth connection along with functionality for the noise-canceling speakerphone. If you are still not convinced, then hear this; it is water proof too and one charge will give you up to 5 hours of audio time.

Kid-friendly camera: VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera

If your kids love to do some photography but you want to minimize their phone time then try buying them one of the VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Cameras which is sold for a price of 49.99 dollars. The design of this camera is chunky but durable enough to survive any kind of drop from your kids. The 24-inch color LED screen of the camera allows for high-def videos and pictures. The rear camera allows for the kids to take great selfies.

Portable projector: Acer C202i

Portable projectors are by no means cheap but if you are willing to buy one, then our recommendation is the Acer C202i for a price tag of 367.05 dollars.  It is light in weight and offers wireless connectivity to stream content with great picture quality.

The 5 hours battery time is more than enough to watch 1 or 2 movies.

Coffee maker: Wacaco Minipresso NS

Traveling with children can be a little exhausting and you might need to replenish our energy levels after every hour or two.

In order to not get cranky on the transit, you need a good cup of Joe and for that, the gadget you need to have is the portable Espresso machine, well a portable maker.

Our recommendation from personal experience is to buy the Wacaco Minipresso NS which comes with Nespresso Capsule. All of these combine come for a price of 40.35 dollars. This coffee maker is light in weight with only 350 grams weight and measures only about 7 inches in length. So do not worry about it taking up any excessive space in your travel luggage.

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