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Best of Apple Arcade games to play on iPhones and iPads

Back in September of 2019, the world of gaming for iPhone and iPad users changed drastically after Apple launched their gaming subscription named Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is a gaming subscription that is offered at an incredible deal of only 4.99 dollars per month or 49.99 dollars per year. With the access to any of the aforementioned subscription types, the user can have access to over 100 game tiles on the Apple Arcade and these gaming titles are the one from few of the biggest game developers for smartphones.

Some of the game developers on Apple Arcade are the hit mobile games such as Alto’s Adventure, Monument Valley, and Threes. The great thing about the Apple Arcade subscription is that it lets the subscriber do anything which includes playing the games that one might not play by sending money but in this case to have no worries about it.

Today for our readers, we have made a list for best of the Apple Arcade games to play on the iPhones and iPads.


The first one of the list is Guildlings and this is not a game that you would expect from a game developer which gave you Threes. Guildlings is a puzzle game that has been reinvented in an RPG element in a YA drama like fantastical world which is f8llled with lots of magic.

Players even get to sue a supernatural smartphone. The game is lightweight which makes it available in the RPG approach unlike many pother games of the genre. Most of all, this game is an absolute delight to play as it is filled with humor.


Amanita Design, the Czech studio which is renowned for making crazy adventure games with the hand drawn aesthetics, has given us over the years gaming titles like Samorost series and Machinarium. Now comes another work of theirs and it is Pilgrims now available o Apple Arcade but this time there are some intriguing twisting pals it he game to make it more fun.

Well, Pilgrims is still in the Amanita Design’s traditional point-and-click type adventure game where gamers see random objects for solving the puzzles. The unique twist in the game is that this time, the characters, items and time are all displayed in the playing cards form. It might sounds a bit strange at first but this type of game layout streamlines the gaming experience as well as makes it a perfect fit for our smartphone.

Assemble With Care

The game titled Assemble With Care might have a gameplay of only 2 hours but you most remember that the studio behind it is the same that gave you the series of Monument Valleys. Assemble With Care gives the gamers a mix gameplay with a great storytelling style.

The game starts with a repairwoman who has settled in a new town and is learning about the inhabitants of the town as she fixes their prized possessions. There is going to be lot of dialogues but each f the chapter comes with a puzzle where the player needs to fix something.

Card of Darkness

There might be quite a lot of card games out there but on Apple Arcade, Card of Darkness is something really unique that no other card game holds. This is not a game based on the same style as the Magic: The Gathering. In this game, gamers have to make their way past a grid of cards just like they are travelling through a dungeon. As for the cards, they are in place of the monsters and magic spells. The game might seem confusing for a while at first but after a little gameplay you will be surely hooked.


If there is a gruesome game with a match-3 puzzle base gameplay, then there is nothing that beats the game titled Grindstone. The game is developed by the same studio which gave you titles like Critter Crunch and Sword & Sworcery. The Grindstone gives you a familiar feeling as it asks the players to match the colorful gems. Well, there is a twit as these gems are the monsters and the purpose to link them is so that a burly looking hero adventurer can slice them to make his way through.

Whenever a player manages to rack up massive combos, it gets extremely satisfying to see those monsters getting minced to pieces. And in order to keep the player interested in the game, newer enemy types as well as new gears is introduced steadily.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

There is no one way to describe Sayonara Wild Hearts because this game is a lot of things. This is a classic arcade style game where the player races through some dangerous levels while they collect the coins along their way. The game is to be played on a rhythm that is to attacking a dodging while timing it with the music. As for game’s music, it is an interactive album that gets a player play though each song as they explore a story of loss & love. Each of these gaming elements might be cool individually but add them in one game and you get one of the coolest and best games of the year and it is available on Apple Arcade.

Skate City

It has been a long time since there has been a cool Skate game but now that niche has been filled by Skate City. A simplified gameplay that allows the players to move with simple swipes on their screen they still work great.

Now coupling these great controls with a theme of sun drenched land and you get the genuine skateboarding experience on your smartphone.

Bleak Sword

Mobile games that are based on Dark Souls are a bad fit for smartphones because of the difficulty to play them and their demand for precise controls. Hover, Bleak Sword has tweaked this requirement just to make it a right fit for the smartphones.

The dark fantasy with a brutal combat gameplay is going to remain but it offers a simplified control scheme and small levels that are perfect for any average gamer. Now you can enjoy it too on your iPhones and iPads as it is available on Apple Arcade.

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