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Boeing announces a fund of $100 million for the crash victims’ families of 737 Max

Boeing has announced the news about starting up a fund of 100 million dollars to both the families as well as the communities of the victims of the 2 of the 737 Max crashes that occurred since last October.

According to company, they are going to partner up with both local government and the NGOs to help set this fund for purposes of the supporting education and to pay up for the living and hardship expenses of the victims’ families and their communities.

According to Boeing, this 100 million dollars fund will be made available in the period of multiple years. Boeing has generated revenue of total of 101 billion dollars last year. As for more information related to this fund, it will be made available in the future. Boeing also announced a generous offer that their employees can also make donations to this fund and by the time 31st December 2019, the company will match that total donation amount.

Boeing’s CEO and Chairman, Dennis Muilenburg said in a statement, “We at Boeing are sorry for the tragic loss of lives in both of these accidents and these lives lost will continue to weigh heavily on our hearts and on our minds for years to come. The families and loved ones of those on board have our deepest sympathies, and we hope this initial outreach can help bring them comfort.”

This fund announcement has come just a few days after the regulators working at Boeing discovered another major problem in the flight software of 737 Max and that it will take more time to fix this issue.

This issue is new as compared to the crashed flights at Lion Air and the Ethiopian Air that resulted in deaths of 346 people.

Both these crashes that occurred with a tie separation of 5 months occurred due to the piece of software that was supposed to help the 737 Max to stop stalling.

However, Boeing in its effort to save both their time and money did not disclose the information of this new software to neither pilots nor to airlines. In both of these air crashes, pilots that were flying these unfortunate planes with new software were not completely aware of the flight system they were flying.

Boeing also stated that this 100 million dollars worth of fund is independent of the lawsuits’ that the families of the victims filed against them for the crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and the Lion Air Flight 610.

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