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Bon Jovi Opens 2 Restaurants For Allowing Needy People To Eat For Free

The name Jon Bon Jovi is a well-known one when it comes to music as the singer has been one of the famous ones of all time. But recently, the man has done something else to make the world a better place.  Back in 2006, Jon Bon Jovi started the organization by the name The Jon Bon Jovi Foundation; the aim of which was to offer support to the community in breaking free from homelessness and poverty. One of the notable deeds done by this foundation was to open a community restaurant by the name JBJ Soul Kitchen. This is a restaurant where anyone can come and eat for free.


This restaurant was first opened for its services back in October of 2011 and is located in the Red Bank area of New Jersey. A second restaurant was later opened by the foundation in 2016 which is located near the Toms River. This is the area that suffered massively from the disaster of Hurricane Sandy back in 2012.


The aim of both of these restaurants is the same; to fight the food insecurity in a dignified manner without a hint of judgment. Not only paying but needy customers are welcomed in this restaurant. The menu has no prices but the ones who can afford to pay are encouraged or donating 20 dollars a meal and those who cannot afford to pay can offer their volunteering service at the restaurant.



The JBJ Soul Kitchen so far has served well over 105000 meals and still rising. As per the website of the restaurant, 55 percent of these meals were paid through donations whereas the remaining 46 percent was earned through volunteering service.



Tables are not reserved at this restaurant.  The system works on first come first served basis but the priority is often given to the people and families that are financially struggling.



The menu of the restaurant is consistent with 3 courses of the American local cuisine. JBJ Soul Kitchen makes the food with an aim to be not only nutritious but also delicious. The ingredients are grown organically in the garden of the restaurant.


Earlier on the 21st January 2019, the restaurant also offered free food to the government workers and their family members who in the aftermath of the federal government shutdown, suffered greatly financially.

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