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Brilliant examples of Innovation

Some brilliant once said that “I don’t believe in lot of things but I do believe in duct tape”. Many people in the world think that solution to all kind of fixing is use of duck tapes or zip ties while some people only take the repairing as a challenge of extreme sorts. The following are some of the best examples of innovative fixing that will leave you breathless.

There might come many of the useless inventions in the market every year, but the things on our list are quite impressive considering the fact that they were only made by ordinary people. Attaching a scrubber on to a drill machine is an effortless cleaning tool for tiles of bathrooms, don’t you think? We have gathered a bunch of such ordinary yet impressive DIY innovations with photographic evidence on the list below.

Scroll down to check at some of these innovations that you can also try out today.

Some stains are hard to clean; no more

hard to clean

Why spend money on home burglar system; when you can make one

home burglar

These stereo thieves have met their match

stereo thieves

Office supplies are late this week; no problem there fixed it

Office supplies

No bicycle seat stolen; there no one will steal this

bicycle seat

When you need a GPS innovate


This is how you fix the cracks


This must cost much but at least it is chilly inside


Duct tape save the tree

Duct tape

A smart model for delivery trucks

smart model

For That Nice Oaky Flavor

Oaky Flavor

So It Matches Your Boots


The Rain Roof Should Be an Option on Every Car

Rain Roof

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