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Celebrities Who Brilliantly Reacted to Paparazzi

Being famous is something that each and every one of us dreams about. The fame has many upsides but like all good things, it also has its own downsides.  The downside from being famous is that no time is private time. You will always have to stay on alert for the photographers who are called Paparazzi that do not care about a celebrity’s personal life. While most tend to deal it like a normal thing, other celebrities who are high profiled have learned all sort of different things to avoid being photographed. Some of their methods are so elegant that they even deserve an award or their efforts.

Today we have prepared a list of photos that show celebrities using their many skills to hide from the paparazzi and some even troll them too.

So scroll down to look at these celebrities who brilliantly reacted to paparazzi.

Leonardo DiCaprio knows which tools he needs to hide from intrusive photographers

Leonardo DiCaprio

Ryan Gosling was photographed during lunch

Ryan Gosling

Britney Spears loves spilling soda on the paparazzi.

Britney Spears

Mark Wahlberg calls on his friends to fight the paparazzi.

Mark Wahlberg

Kanye West’s mood changes dramatically when he sees a camera

Kanye West

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas thought that if they stayed motionless, paparazzi would lose interest

Sophie Turner

This girl thought that she was being photographed. She didn’t know that supermodel Karlie Kloss was right behind her.

Karlie Kloss

An Alec Baldwin run-in with paparazzi told in 2 pictures

Alec Baldwin

Joseph Gordon-Levitt spots paparazzi and begs them to leave him alone


Daniel Radcliff sees the paparazzi and shows his tongue

Daniel Radcliff

Charlize Theron and Emily Ratajkowski using whatever they have in their hands to hide

Charlize Theron

Kesha hiding behind her boyfriend


Dustin Hoffman is fed up with hiding and strikes back!

Dustin Hoffman

Willow, Will Smith’s daughter, uses her own hair to hide, and Cara Delevingne took hiding tips from DiCaprio.


Benedict Cumberbatch sends photographers to Egypt.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Eva Mendes uses her hair as a disguise

Eva Mendes

Cristiano Ronaldo has bodyguards that use a laser pointer to fend off the paparazzi

Cristiano Ronaldo

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