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Charming Babies That Look Like They’re About To Steal Your Bae

Some of us, no matter how hard we try, will never be cool, confident and charming. We look on with envy at those that seem to just ooze that easygoing allure and wonder, are they just born with it?

Well if you scroll down through this list, compiled by us, you’ll see that actually yes, some people are down with it from the very youngest age. These are some of the coolest babies you’re ever likely to see, and you just know that a least a few of them are destined for a successful career in show business!

Eyebrow Baby

I May Not Be Elmo, But You Can Tickle Me Anytime

baby zoolander

Anchorman Ron Burgundy Jr!

What About A First Kiss?

‘Sup mom?

Dem cheeks!

Only 1 Week Old but Enjoying Life as a Boss

2-Weeks Old, But He’s Already Mastered Blue Steel

Posing Like A Boss

Reminds me of Kevin from The Office

Heey ladies… You lookin’ hella fine…


Who’s your daddy!


Total Flirt

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