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Chelsie Kyriss – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

Chelsie Kyriss is a former education teacher and sales representative, known for her relationship with NFL star Antonio Brown. After graduating from college, Kyriss began a career in sales and worked as a part-time nursery teacher. Later, she worked as a store manager for Baker’s Footwear and was subsequently promoted. In 2012, he joined Wilton Brands Inc. as a customer representative and continues to work here. Around the same time, she began dating famous sports star Antonio Brown, and their relationship made headlines in all major media.

Fans soon wanted to learn more about Brown’s mysterious girlfriend, and his Instagram account began to attract a large following. She became a social media celebrity and began making public appearances with her boyfriend. His personal life is under strict scrutiny. She has been present in his life and family life for many years, and has been the subject of numerous articles and special topics. Today, Kyriss continues to share life with Brown and a family of five lives happily together.

Today for our readers, we bring to you the wiki Bio of Chelsea Kyriss; who is known as the long time girlfriend of NFL player Antonio Brown. In our wiki-bio today, you will be able to learn all about Chelsea Kyriss.

Real Name:- 

Chelsie Kyriss


Chelsie Kyriss


Former educational teacher and sales representative

Girlfriend of NFL Star Antonio Brown



Date of Birth:-

August 31st 1989

Birth Place:-

Springboro, Ohio, USA

Zodiac Sign:-




Personal life:-

All the personal life details about Chelsea Kyriss will be laid down in this section of the wiki-bio.

  • Chelsie Kyriss’s early career was like just another ordinary person. While studying for her degree, she began working in sales in 2009 and later worked as an assistant teacher at Adventures Through Learning, a popular daycare.
  • Although she cultivated her dream of becoming a model, Kyriss did not receive many invitations or stop pursuing a glamorous career.
  • In 2010, she first worked as an assistant store manager for Baker Footwear and was later promoted to store manager.
  • In 2012, she joined Wilton Brands Inc. as an account representative. Around the same time, she met Antonio Brown. The couple met through a mutual friend, and there was an instant spark between the two. The sympathy and public appearances between the stars of the NFL and Chelsea have become popular with the paparazzi, and people have started to learn more about Chelsea’s life. The romance between them also made her a social media celebrity, and as the days passed, her Instagram account began to grow rapidly.
  • Currently, he has more than 80,000 followers on Instagram. She constantly updates her personal adventures, and the wild time with Brown and photos of her adorable children have won the hearts of many people.
  • She also manages the Instagram accounts of his children, who are underage celebrities on social media. Currently, she continues to serve as a customer representative for Wilton Brands Inc. and spends most of her time with her family. She is also very supportive of Brown’s career and often sees him cheering him on in the stands. Despite the following on social media, Chelsea lives a low-key lifestyle and is only active on Instagram.


Some of the facts about Chelsea Kyriss are as follows.

  • Chelsie Kyriss was born on August 31, 1989, in Springborough, Ohio, to Lynn and Todd Careis. She has an older brother, Christopher Kyriss. She grew up in Ohio and attended Springboro High School, and then graduated from Sinclair Community College in 2010.
  • After that, she received a bachelor’s degree from Peripheral College of Georgia State University.
  • She is currently romantically involved with sports celebrity Antonio Brown, and the two first met through friends. Since they first met, they have been on and off and have continued to make headlines during breakups and battles. Despite all the setbacks, they always finally get together and continue to affirm that they love each other more.
  • The couple currently has 5 children: Autonomy Brown, Antanyiah Brown, Apollo Brown, Ali Brown, and Antonio Brown Jr. They have not announced any marriage news, but many close friends speculate that this has become a reality. Additionally, Chelsea has two children, Karen and Brooklyn Green. She currently lives with her family in Brown’s mansion in Miami.
  • Antonio Brown left Kyriss after dating Instagram model Jena Frumes for six years, and Chelsie took to Instagram to express her dissatisfaction. When Brown left her, she was pregnant with her third child and made it clear that Brown owed him and his family to stay. However, Brown soon lost his love for Jena and eventually returned to Gillis. He later commented that this was the correct approach, and his beliefs strongly compelled him to return to his “baby mother”, which was the nickname he publicly used for Kyriss.

Net worth:-                                                    

From her time in the sales and marketing business, Chelsie Kyriss has a net worth of 200K dollars. As for her boyfriend, the superstar of the NFL Antonio Brown, he enjoys a net worth of staggering 20 million dollars. Chelsie also lives with her 7 children in Antonio Brown’s mansion.

Family Tree:-

Father Name:-

The name of Chelsea Kyriss ‘s father Todd Kyriss.

Mother Name:-

The name of Chelsea Kyriss’ mother is Lynn Kyriss.


Chelsea Kyriss is known to have one elder brother named Christopher Kyriss.


She has 5 children with Antonio Brown. Their names are as follows.

  • Autonomy Brown
  • Antanyiah Brown
  • Apollo Brown
  • Ali Brown
  • Antonio Brown Jr.

Relationships & Affairs:-

She has been in relationship with NFL player Antonio Brown since 2011. Before that she was married to a man and had two children with him as well.

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