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Chicken VS Everyone; Chickens Win

Chickens are normally the most docile of all the animals that are kept in a house. Chickens are mainly used for two purposes only; one is to get the eggs and the other is to get that delicious meat from them.

However all over the world, in the slums of the major cities, there is one other purpose for the chickens and especially the Big Roosters and that is to make them compete in the illegal “cock Fights”. For this roosters are specially bred and trained to be ferocious.

As it turns out all the chickens are somewhat ferocious in some way and are not afraid of attacking anyone.


In our today’s video, we present to you some of these daredevil chickens and roosters who are not afraid of anyone and can attack without a moment’s notice.

dog vs Chicken

In our today’s video, you will see chickens and roosters attacking children, little girls and boys and even some dogs, cats and goats.


All of them cower in front of these might Chickens and Roosters attacks.


So without any further ado, enjoy the video of Chicken VS Everyone.

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