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Cindy Millican – Bio, Family, Net Worth In 2021

The celebrity we present today is a well-known choreographer and a dancer from America. She also happens to be the widow of one of the all-time greatest song-writers slash actors, and musicians; Glenn Frey. If you still have not guessed her name then let us tell you. She is none other than the gorgeous Cindy Millican; full name Cindy Frey Nee Millican. Her husband was a well-known personage of the music industry in America as he is one of the founding fathers for a renowned Rock Group by the name of “Eagles”.

Although not much is known related to the early life of Cindy Millican, we will still try to tell you all that we know and could find about her. She has been a dancing protégée since a young age and was a professional dancer back in the 1980s. She was given her first on-screen dancing role in the 1987’s film titled “The Running Man”; a thriller film. She met Frey at some point in her career and soon this meeting turned into a lovely relationship. Their love turned into committeemen of holy matrimony back in June of 1990. As proof of their love, the couple had 3 children; 2 sons and a daughter. Unfortunately, their happy ending came to a sudden halt in 2016 when Frey died at age 67. Following that, Cindy Millican took on the role of the Frey’s state executor. She even went on to make headlines in 2018 when she sued Dr. Steven Itzkowitz; the gastroenterologist of her husband Frey. The lawsuit was filed against negligence in the treatment of Frey who was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis since 2015.

Real Name:- 

Cindy Millican


Cindy Frey


Choreographer and a professional dancer



Date of Birth:-


Birth Place:-


Zodiac Sign:-

Not Known



Physical Stats:-

Cindy Millican is currently of age 53 but she is still a beauty that can compete with many young girls. She is a natural blonde-haired woman that has a slender figure with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches. Talking about her sleek figure, she is only 60 kg and has maintained her physique with conviction. Her slender face coupled with her green eye just compliments her overall looks. It was no wonder that Frey fell for her and married her after a few years of dating.

Personal life:-

For this section, we will be stating all the information regarding the personal life as well as the career life of Cindy Millican.

  • There is not much known about the early life of Cindy Millican. The only information available is that she was born back in 1967 to an American family in the USA. Even the state and the city where she was born remains a mystery to this day.
  • What little is known about Cindy Millican’s past is that she was interested in performance arts; especially dancing at a young age. She took part in dancing lessons and took several classes to hone her skills. Her career as a professional dancer started as early as in 2018. Later she became a full tie Choreographer.
  • She only had one opportunity to come on the big screen. It was in 1987 for a directorial debut thriller film of Paul Michael Glaser; “the Running Man”. This film’s story is based on Stephen King’s novel from 1982 of the same name. The story was then edited for film script by writer Seven E. De Souza.
  • The film had a rich cast of renowned actors at that time like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jessa Ventura, Maria Alonso, and Richard Dawson. The story is about a man who got convicted wrongly and was thrown to an execution gauntlet within the prison. The showdown was like a game show. As for Cindy Millican’s role in that film; it was of a dancer.
  • Cindy Millican is the widow of the late legendary singer, songwriter, musician, and actor; Glenn Frey. He is also one of the founding embers for the rock band “Eagles” alongside Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner, and Don Henley in 1971. He is regarded as one of the best songwriters of all times having released 2 live albums, 7 studio albums as well as 30 singles. Eagles was inducted in honor of their service into the “Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame”. He even went on to have a successful career as a solo artist with 1 live album, 5 studio albums and his 19 singles.
  • As per media information, Frey and Cindy Millican met each other during the shooting for Frey’s music video in 1984 at that time, Cindy Millican was 19 years younger than Frey. Frey was married during that time to actress Janie Beggs but after their divorce, he married Cindy.


  • Cindy Millican is not the first wide of her late husband Glenn Frey. During the time, they were secretly dating; Frey was married to an actress named Jennie Beggs. It was not until the divorce in 1990 that Frey and Cindy married each other.
  • Their marriage was a successful one until Frey died back in 2016 after suffering from Ulcerative Colitis caused due to a certain medication for his Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Cindy Millican has sued her husband’s doctor named Steven Itzkowitz for mistreatment of her husband and his death. She has filed a lawsuit for about 12 million dollars in compensation for pecuniary damages.
  • Cindy Millikan is also suffering from an autoimmune disorder Lupus which results in the body’s immune system to attack the organs and tissues. This causes inflammation in the certain areas of the body like brain heat, lungs, skin, and joints.
  • She is also the part of the Ambassador Program by Donna Karan since 2013. This program is about prominent customers of Karen serving as her ambassadors for the philanthropic work she does.
  • Cindy also hosted a Donna Karan luncheon and fashion show in California which helped her raised around 15000 dollars for a charity organization in Los Angeles; LA Lupus, which is founded by her own physician Dr. Daniel Wallace.

Net worth:-

As of 2020, the net worth of Cindy Millican is estimated to be about 90 million dollars. This is the net worth that she has not earned but inherited from her late husband Glenn Frey. She is currently the sole executor of all the estate of the late singer.

Family Tree:-

Information regarding the family of Cindy Millican is as follows.

Father Name:-

Not known.

Mother Name:-

Not known.


Not known.


As a result of her marriage with Glenn Frey, Cindy Millican has birthed 3 children. She has 2 sons and a daughter. Their names are as follows.

  • Sons: Deacon Frey and Otis Frey
  • Daughter: Taylor Frey

Relationships & Affairs:-

She only had one relationship in her life and that was with her husband Glenn Frey. They met each other back in 1984 and married each other in 1990. After death of Husband in 2016, Cindy Millican has not been seeing any other person that can be called as a love interest.

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