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Clever and Sarcastic parking Notes Left by angry people

Despite the fact that almost every driver likes to consider themselves to be the best one out there, there are very few people in the world who haven’t been involved in some sort of parking battle. Some people are lucky enough to find a harmless, but hilarious, note on their windshield, while others walk out to find that their car has either been covered in Post-its or even completely wrapped up in clear cellophane wrap.

We have gathered the funniest and most resourceful windshield notes that were ever left on the cars whose owners made terrible parking choices.

So scroll down to look for yourself at some of these Clever and Sarcastic parking Notes Left by angry people. You never know when you might need to put one for yourself in future.

Sometimes one note isn’t enough to get the message across; you have to make things obvious at times


Savage and clever


That must be the only reasonable explanation there is

parking job

Congratulations for your ‘A**hole of the century’ award


Is parking here worth washing your car every day?


Passive Aggressive Parking Note


The cutest insult ever

cutest insult

Parking etiquette is a thing

Parking etiquette

It’s important to keep your eyes on the road and on how you park


And guess who is going to be the victim?


Sometimes actions are better than notes


This note is hard to miss


Too bad parking lots aren’t this strict


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